May 2018

I’m The Boss with sarah lockhart, ccc-slp

What we discuss: How investing time and money into her private practice website has paid offHow to ask for testimonialsWhether she’s a generalist or a specialist… and whySarah’s recommendations of how and when to get credentialed with insurance companies, as well as the hidden benefit of being an insurance providerHow Sarah worked her way up in the fifth page of Google to the first​Guest: Sarah Lockhart, CCC-SLPWhen Sarah and her husband moved to a new city, she had to get up and ru […]

Career Change to Perfect Fit with Beth Chaput, CCC-SLP

What we discuss: How Beth balances her life – between her family, her “regular” job and now her private practice to maintain flexibility in her lifeWhat she learned by joining another private practice before starting her ownJena’s three recommendations for how to successfully market your private practiceHow she got her first clients (and a fun tip to try if you’re using flyers to market your services!)Beth’s innovative plan for summer servicesGuest: Beth Chaput, CCC-SLPI am a […]

“Working with Clients… From Bali” With Michelle lachman, ccc-slp

What we discuss: Discover what kinds of clients Michelle sees, how many clients she’s seeing each day and how she deals with time zone issuesWhere the majority of her referrals come from (which given her current location – is somewhat surprising!)How she uses parents as “learning coaches” to increase generalizationWhat is like living in Bali (visit the show notes page for a video tour of the backyard – House Hunters International-style!)​Guest: Michelle Lachman, CCC-SLP​I’m a ce […]