May 2019

“The 3-Part Private Practice Growth Plan” With Jena Castro-Casbon, MS CCC-SLP

On this Mindset Monday episode Jena discusses a 3-step process to systematically grow your practice. Establishing a growth mindset helps prioritize and organize the needs of your practice. Jena shares her framework that is built on income, systems, and teams, and how this can be applied to your practice to bring growth and balance.Here’s What I discuss:The need for an intentional growth plan for your practice.A practical framework to establish for growth in your practice […]

Best Books for Speech Therapy Providers [+Printable List]

Do you like to read?Whether you’re looking for a new book to read over summer vacation or want to recommend a book to a client or family member, check out the list of the best books for speech-language pathologists.I’ve been compiling this “To Read” List and thought that clinicians looking for speech therapy related books might be interested as well. After you read the article, do three things.1. Download the list of all of the book to check off the ones you’ve read and discover new ones.2. […]

20+ Speech Pathology Facebook Groups to Join Today

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Learn how to Set a Private Speech Therapy Hourly Rate in 2023

“What is the going rate for private speech therapy services in my area?”​Every single day, someone asks that question in the SLP Private Practice Beginners Facebook Group.People are looking for a magic number. An easy answer.A shortcut.Sure, I’ve asked in parent FB groups what the going rate is for babysitters in my area… BUT THAT IS FOR BABYSITTERS!We are not babysitters! We are clinicians… with Master’s degrees!You should […]

Celebrate Your Wins with Jena Castro-Casbon, MS CCC-slp

What we discuss: Encouragement to celebrate and remember every win that you’ve accomplishedExamples of wins that she has seen in the lives of SLP’s in Start Your Private Practice.A reminder that your job as a Speech-Language Pathologist is very important and has a great impact.Host: Jena Castro-Casbon, MS CCC-SLP​​Jena H. Castro-Casbon, MS, CCC-SLP, is a private-practice consultant who has helped thousands of speech-language pathologists start and grow their own private practices th […]

“Using Your Practice to Break Down Barriers” with Kevin Dorman, SLP

Kevin Dorman, SLP has always had a passion for voice. Through their own journey and experience they became passionate about the field of Transgender Vocal Training. Being transgender themselves, Kevin is able to identify and relate to their clients, offering encouragement and support to each individual. Many of Kevin’s clients are seen through telepractice. Kevin’s energy and passion for helping others has been the driving force behind their success.​Here’s What We Cover:Kevin’s journey to […]

“Owner, Author, Mom” with Fara Augustover, SLP

Fara Augustover is a speech-language pathologist, owner of Island Wide Speech on Long Island, NY and author of the children’s book, Harmony Hears a Hoot.Five years ago, Fara worked at a nonprofit clinic in NYC, transitioned to school based while seeing clients part time privately. As her caseload grew and the commute to Manhattan became tiresome, she decided to repurpose space in her home and create an in-house clinic complete with a separate entrance, bathroom, and waiting room. Here’s W […]

“Walking Through Open Doors” with Erin Gaul, SLP

Erin Gaul, SLP started her private practice about two years ago. She was originally headed in the direction of Audiology, but with the guidance of a professor she realized that Speech-Pathology was her passion. Today, Erin primarily serves clients with Apraxia and those who are hard of hearing. Her journey has been shaped by positive relationships with her clients, and her bravery to walk through open doors and make the most of every opportunity.Here’s What We Cover:How she overcame the obstacle […]

Private Practice Clinic Forms: 10 “Must Have” Forms to Reduce Your Risk

Private practitioners know that they need their clients to sign the proper private practice clinic forms BUT…which forms are essential to decrease our professional, financial and legal risk…?​Keep reading 🙂 We’ve all been told:”Don’t treat private clients without the proper forms filled out and signed by your client / their families.”  In order to protect yourself and your speech ther […]

“Identifying and Developing Your Expertise” with Lori Melnitsky, SLP

Lori Melnitsky, SLP first encountered speech-language pathology as a client with stuttering. She earned a degree in accounting and decided on a career change to speech therapy. She delved into the fields of early intervention and the public schools early on. Currently her practice focuses on individuals who stutter and children with oral-motor deficits, and she concurrently works at a school part-time.Here’s What We Cover:The value she has found in her unique personal experience as well as conti […]