September 2019

“I Figured Out How to Make it Work” with JoAnne Berns, SLP

Here’s what they talk about: ​Her momentous decision to leave her favorable middle school position for private practiceThe serendipitous event that helped her maintain her practice despite adversityHow she set herself up for success when she had no choice but to delegate from bedrestJena’s powerful insight into social media and its value as a marketing toolHer optimistic outlook that helped her meet her challenges head-onGuest: JoAnne Burns, SLPJoAnne is an accomplished speech-lang […]

Growing Fast and Looking Forward to What’s Next with Ebony Green, SLP

SUMMARY:Ebony Green, SLP discovered speech-language pathology as a career path while she was employed as a Teach for America corps member. She became an SLP-A soon afterwards and achieved her master’s degree. Eventually, due to her high aspirations and the mentors who helped her along the way, she pursued private practice. Ebony is the owner of a primarily home-health based practice. She employs several therapists and has recently added occupational therapy services.Here’s What We Discuss:How […]

“Growing Fast and Looking Forward to What’s Next” with Ebony Green, SLP

​Here’s what they talk about: How she came to the realization that SLP was the path for a fulfilling careerHer leap into private practice in part thanks to the inspiration she drew from othersHer best recommendation on achieving work-life balance at an affordable rateJena’s inspired commentary on delegation as necessary to pursue income-generating opportunitiesHer emphasis on collaboration within the community and onlineGuest: Ebony Green, SLP​Ebony Green, M.S., CCC-SLP received […]