October 2019

SLP Live: How to Start a Private Practice Full-Time or “On the Side” of Your Regular Job

In this session, we discussed how to minimize the legal, professional, financial and personal risks associated with starting a private practice.​We also explored the five major steps involved in starting a private practice, and ethical considerations when starting a private practice.​Click here to learn more about SLP-Live.comJena H. Castro-Casbon, MS, CCC-SLP, is a private practice consultant and author who has helped thousands of speech-language pathologists start and grow their own privat […]

“An Intentional Private Practice” with Rosemarie Ott, SLP

What we talk about:Her eye-opening experiences that led her to take confidence in her therapeutic approachHow family support compelled her to expand her practiceHer advice on taking advantage of one’s location including collaboration with other providersHer perspective on specializing to maximize client outcomesJena’s sage advice based on mentoring many new SLPs starting outGuest: Rosemarie Ott, SLPRosemarie (Rosey) Ott, MA, CCC-SLP is an experienced speech language pathologist whose passion f […]

“The 3 Day a Week Private Practice” with Carmen Glasgow, SLP

What we discussed: Her belief in the importance of building a community of like-minded colleaguesThe moment she realized she needed to prioritize her need for work-life balance over the desire for clientsHer unique resources for finding new clientsJena’s perspective on the scarcity of SLP private practicesHer reassurance that being credentialed with insurance is not an insurmountable obstacleGuest: Carmen GlascowCarmen is a certified speech-language pathologist who has been working with c […]

“Mother Daughter Private Practice” with Holly Lavine, SLP

What we discussed: Her search for balance in the business world as her waitlist continues to growHer ongoing need to strategize for the future with her daughter as an equal partnerHer perception of insurance as a provider who exclusively takes private payHer desire for learning and improving the learning capabilities of her client baseGuest: Holly Lavine, SLPHolly LaVine has 16 years of experience in individualized remediation, multisensory teaching, and diagnostic evaluations. She also eng […]