May 2020

The Go Getter: 0 to Full in 6 Months with hana eichele, MOT, OTR/L, RYT

What we discuss: Her many sources of inspiration to start and continue her private practiceHow she arranged a smooth transition between her previous position to seeing her own clientsHow she plans to diversify by drawing upon her other talentsHer experienced advice to therapists that are starting their journeyJena’s take on an overwhelming obstacle for many new private practice ownersGuest: Hana Eichele, MOT, OTR/L, RYTWhen I became a Registered and Licensed Pediatric Occupational Th […]

Private Practice Director, Professor, Author AND Mom with Susannah Silvia, ccc-slp

What we discuss: How she discovered her passion for speech-language pathology in lieu of other helping professionsHer decision to pursue an ownership position within her first professional settingHer commitment to developing multiple streams of income for multiple life-enhancing reasonsHow another SLP helped her make her book publishing dream come trueHow she transitioned from being a university guest speaker to an adjunct lecturerGuest: Susannah Silvia, CCC-SLPSusannah has over 13 years of […]

Collaboration Over Competitions With Yvette McCoy, ccc-slp, BCS-S

What we discuss: Yvette’s first foray into private practice as an SLP conducting home visitsThe business mindset she developed over time to lead her to a vibrant practiceHer advice to become board-certified which surprised her colleaguesHer persistence in the presence of internal and external doubtJena’s valuable opinion on why a slow and steady start to your private practice is the way to goGuest: Yvette McCoy, MS CCC-SLP, BCS-SYvette McCoy is a Speech-Language Pathologist with over 25 y […]

Fear The Fear and Do It Anyway with KATIE BROWN, MS CCC-SLP

What we discuss: Her breakthrough moment that made her realize it was time to start her private practiceHow she reconciles being an introvert with various extroverted activities designed to develop relationships with colleaguesHer perspective on the importance of finding a mentor and sharing the wealthHer strong encouragement for new practitioners who also have only a few years experience under their beltsJena’s sage insight into the difference between pushiness and information sharingGue […]

Part-Time to Full-Time to Mentoring Private Practitioners with laura powell, MS ccc-slp

In this episode of The Private Practice Success Stories podcast, Laura Powell, MS CCC-SLP of Therapy Unlimited talks about how she got started part-time, transitioned to full-time and now has a large, multi-disciplinary private practice.What we discuss: Her business mission, which reflects who she hires and how they connect with clientsHer leadership approach that has absolutely factored in to 100% employee retentionJena’s advice on goal-setting with respect to starting a private practice […]