June 2020

Reflections on Becky’s First Year of Private Practice with becky mcarthur, ccc-slp

What we discuss: How Becky got started in the SLP profession and what led her to the decision to start a private practiceWhat differences she’s noticed between SLPs in the U.S. and CanadaWhat she’s learned over the past year from having a private practiceHer experience with doing telepractice. Guest: Becky McArthur:I am a graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University (Waterloo, Ontario) and Western University (London, Ontario) as of 2015. Since graduating, I worked solely in private […]

Where Are They Now: Did They Open Five Clinics in Five Years? with Rene Robles and Cristina Ramos, CCC-SLP

What we discuss: ​How Rene and Christina ended up starting a private practice togetherWhat their 5-year business plan was and how their progress is at year 4How they’re handling the transition into teletherapy in the midst of coronavirusTheir plans going forward with opening their next clinic and weathering the stormGuests: Rene Robles & Cristina Ramos, SLPRene & Cristina are the owners and creators of Five Oaks. Our staff have been mentors, teachers and educators to new th […]

Start your private practice – student success stories

The following podcast episodes feature alums of Jena’s premium course,  The Start Your Private Practice System. If you want to follow the exact same system that these “star” students used to build their own speech therapy private practice, click here to sign up for the waitlist. @DuncanLakeSpeechTherapy tami teshima, SLPCareer changer, former school slp and now “start” mentor After finding her way to SLP after a career in […]

Choosing Her Own Adventure with Jeannette WashingtoN, M.Ed, SLP

What we discuss: Why Jeannette decided to go to the private practice route What the transition of being a private practice owner was like Why she learned how to code and how she’s integrated tech into her work as an SLP Her advice for people who want to get into speaking and publishingGuest: Jeannette Washington, CCC-SLPJeannette Washington, M.Ed is a graduate of our 2017 Java bootcamp. Since graduation, she’s been busy advocating for tech inclusivity, publ […]

“Just Jump In” and Other Advice After 19 Years of Practice with Ruth bass, ccc-slp

What we discuss: Her reasoning behind why she’s wanted to stay a small practiceHer advice on asking for help and hiring for the things you aren’t good atRuth’s tips for someone thinking about going down the road of private practiceHow she feels about starting small and taking baby stepsHow Ruth uses the concept of friend-raising to get more client referral​​Guest: Ruth Bass, CCC-SLPAfter completing graduate school and doing her fellowship in speech and language pathology, ​Ruth […]

private practice success stories from black Slps

The following podcast episodes of The Private Practice Success Stories podcast featured Black SLPs who shared the ups, downs and lessons learned in their journey to private practice. These episodes were recorded between June 2018 – Present.​Please listen to the episodes and reach out to the guests to share what your biggest takeaways were! @SLPtoCEO RELATIONSHIPS TO REFERRALS WITH LAKEISHA FIELDS Lakeisha Fields, SLP […]