August 2020

Growing Her Private Practice and Her Volunteer-Led International Parent Coaching Business – During a Global Pandemic: Amanda’s Story

Amanda Puentes is a private practitioner who is pursuing two dreams. She started her private practice to help with pediatric speech therapy and has also started an international program to provide access to speech therapy for people who might otherwise not be able to receive those services. She’s built a wonderful network of SLPs who are providing these services to people abroad who desperately need them and I just love her story.She shares how her early career as a travel speech-language path […]

Lessons From the Beach

During a recent trip to the beach with my family, I had a few things running through my mind. As I saw how my two sons approached a scenario with a crab it really got me thinking. It reminded me so much of how people with different personality types take different approaches to build and grow their private practice. In this episode, I talk about this and how my webinar can help you on your journey of starting your private practice. What we discuss: How people with different personaliti […]

16 Years and Growing in a Pandemic: Robyn’s Story

Robin Drothler is a private practitioner who has been growing her practice for over 16 years. Even in the midst of a pandemic, she has seen growth within her business, Advantage Speech Therapy Services. We talk about how she went from seeing private clients on the side to going full-fledged into running a private practice. She shares the referral sources that led to clients early on in her business and how she learned to navigate becoming a service provider for insurance companies. She also tell […]

From 4 Kids on Fridays to 2 Locations and 40 Employees: Carrie’s Story

Carrie Hinnant became a private practice owner and in just 6 years in the business, she has grown her practice to two locations with over 40 employees. She went from serving just a few kids one day a week to now serving about 1,000 sessions per month with her team. We talk about how advice from a professor led her to this career and how a mishap at a practice she was working for led her to starting her practice. She talks about the need for adaption in this field, learning to wear many hats as a […]