November 2020

Don’t Create a New Job You Hate

Every now and then I tend to go back to old business books I’ve read to get a fresh perspective on them.In this episode, I am talking about a business lesson that I pulled from a book that I’ve read and how it correlates to how a lot of speech language pathologists feel about their 9 to 5 jobs.I talk about what this means for these practitioners who may be considering private practice and how I can help you bridge the gap and step into the vision you have for your private practice.What we di […]

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Taking Control of Her Life & Circumstances: Tia’s Story

Tia Javier is a private practitioner and one of only 91 Spanish speaking speech-language pathologists in the state of Virginia. She is actually someone who I first came across when she joined the Start Your Private Practice program. Tia saw a huge need in the market for a bilingual private practice. In this episode, she shares how her student loans motivated her to make this decision, what a typical day in her practice looks like and her plans for the future. I really like Tia’s attitude and h […]

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Marketing Tip: To Niche or Not

You’ve probably heard that as a private practice owner, you need a niche. I know a lot of practitioners worry about this. In this episode, I am sharing my thoughts on this idea that you need a niche for your private practice. You’ll hear why this isn’t the best logic for private practitioners to have as they’re getting their business started. I also talk about what you need to get more word-of-mouth marketing and why you need to learn to operate from an abundance mindset. What we di […]

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0 to 320 Employees in 7 Years: Nikki’s Story

Nikki McRory is a private practitioner in the Santa Clarita, CA area who is on fire. In just 7 years of owning her private practice, she has hired over 320 employees and opened two brick and mortar locations.​In our conversation, we discuss her early days as a SLP starting in the school setting and what brought her to the decision to start her practice. She shares what types of clients she serves, her experience of stepping into the role as a leader and how she’s navigated running her practi […]

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