January 2021

Celebrating Milestones: The 100th Episode and My 40th Birthday

Are you ready to hear an exciting and reflective episode?Today on the podcast, we are talking about two major milestones: the 100th episode and my 40th birthday!From my very first episode to episodes that almost didn’t air and more, I am celebrating some of the biggest lessons I’ve learned since starting a podcast and recognizing some of the amazing guests that helped me get to where I am today. I am also covering what the future holds for the show.From there, I am sharing with you a recap of […]

From Full Time to Part Time Private Practice: Lauren’s Story

​Lauren Meglen is a former school SLP who transitioned to full-time private practice in the Rochester, MN area. In this episode, Lauren shares her journey into private practice and what that looked like for her. She talks about how she decided on a whim to start her private practice and her experience with bringing on employees. She shares so much great wisdom and advice on ditching perfectionism and why you should go for your dreams of private practiceWhat we discuss: Her career journey […]

Meet The Mentors: 5 Start Your Private Practice Mentors Tell All

Are you ready to start your private practice? If you’ve been thinking about getting support from the Start Your Private Practice system but haven’t fully decided to go for it yet, you’ll definitely want to hear this episode as I am joined by 4 mentors of the program, Claudia, Tommy, Adrienne and Bobby.​In this episode, the mentors and I chat about what led them to the program, the people who tend to succeed in it and how having a private practice has helped them level up in business and […]

Is 2021 the Year of Your Private Practice?

​2021 might be the year that you finally start your private practice. We all went through so much in 2020 and through that year, I watched countless people start their own private practice. I also saw many others pivot their business overnight in the midst of a pandemic. And even some who expanded their businesses vastly, bringing on more clients and employees. In this episode, you’ll hear what could happen if you take the steps needed and finally make your private practice dreams a reality […]