February 2021

Thinking Bigger with Crystal Sanford

What if you could create a private practice that served the population you’re passionate about and allowed you to serve as a consultant, author, speaker or parent education and empowerment coach?It is possible to do more and think bigger – personally and professionally!I am talking all about this today with my guest, Crystal Sanford, from Sanford Autism Consulting.Crystal has been in the field of Speech Therapy for 20 years. Her areas of experience include social language disorders, language/a […]

The Confidence You Need to Follow Your Dreams: Adrienne’s Story

Do you feel like you’re struggling with having the confidence to build a private practice? You might even have a private practice already and struggle with your confidence. I’m pulling one of the most popular episodes out of the archives this week to cover this topic because I think it is so important. Adrienne Fuller and I are talking all about having the confidence to follow your dreams. Adrienne Fuller M.S., CCC-SLP is the clinical director and Owner of SpeechBuilders Speech and Lan […]

The Story of Elan Hutchinson’s Private Practice Dream

Do you wonder how to have a private practice that serves both you and your community? Have you ever wondered what that looks like as an immigrant? This episode is going to cover both of those things.Today on the podcast, Elan Hutchinson is joining me to talk about having a successful private practice as an immigrant.Elan Jolee Hutchinson was born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas. She had the opportunity to attend undergraduate at Elmira College and graduate school at Howard University, so she moved […]

Helping Underserved Communities Locally and Abroad: Sandy’s Story

Do you dream bigger for your SLP business? This episode is full of inspiration and motivation for you to follow the dreams you have for your business.Today on the podcast, Sandy Dorsey is joining me to talk about her dream which is to serve underserved communities as an SLP, and how she is doing that.Sandy Dorsey is a global speech-language pathologist, advocate for special needs and diversity champion. ​For over 25 years, she has provided diagnostic and therapeutic speech therapy services to […]