April 2021

Why I Created The Start Your Private Practice System + Meet Four Successful Students

Imagine if you could follow a step-by-step program to help you go from overworked and overwhelmed to treating ideal clients, working for yourself on your own time, and making the money that you deserve as a masters-level clinician.Doesn’t that sound amazing?! That is what the Start Your Private Practice program is for!In this episode, I am sharing why I created the Start Your Private Practice program. You are also hearing from some of my students who are all SLPs in various settings that were […]

Real Talk About Private Practice with Danni Augustine

Are you ready to hear a no-nonsense, straightforward story about starting a private practice?In this episode, Danni Augustine is describing the steps that she took to get her private practice off of the ground and her motivations for doing so through a keep-it-simple approach.Danni has been an SLP for 5 years. After working in a variety of settings, she found her love for dyslexia intervention, myofunctional therapy, feeding and all things birth-3. Not only has diving into these areas helped her […]

Building a Sustainable Life Through Private Practice with Mary Burns

Do you struggle with burnout, imposter syndrome or feeling like you’re not able to do your best work?Mary Burns is joining me in this episode to talk about how she designed a private practice that has helped her move past those feelings and into a more sustainable lifestyle. She is also giving her advice on how you can do the same.Mary Burns is a speech-language pathologist and board-certified patient advocate. She has worked as an SLP since 2014 and is fiercely passionate about person-centere […]

Building a Private Practice and Safe Space for LGBTQ+ Clients and Families: Emily’s Story

It is so important for us as professionals to create a safe space for ourselves and for our patients. Don’t you agree?Private practice allows us to do that.I am talking all about this with Emily McCullough from Parade Pediatric Speech Therapy which is a practice that is committed to providing a safe space for all kids and families on their communication journey.Emily has more than 10 years of experience helping children and teens gain the communication skills they need to connect and interact […]