June 2021

Starting a Mobile FEES Business with a Partner with George Barnes and Allie Mataras

Have you ever thought about offering mobile fees? Are you wondering how to regroup, rebound, and truly grow a mobile fees business after COVID? Do you want to know more about the realities of starting a private practice with a business partner? My guests, George Barnes MS CCC-SLP and Allison Mataras MA CCC-SLP, are joining me in this episode to cover all of these topics.George and Allie started their company, FEESible Swallow Solutions, in January of 2020 – just before the pandemic started. […]

Adult-Focused Private Practice Success with Katie Brown

Are you interested in working with adults? Are you interested in learning from a fairly new SLP who built a specialty practice to full-time within six months?Katie Brown, who is joining me in this episode, is who you want to hear from if either of these (or both) are of interest to you!Katie Brown, MA, CCC-SLP, CBIS is a speech-language pathologist and certified brain injury specialist practicing in Buffalo, NY. She owns a private practice called Neuro Speech Solutions which specializes in thera […]

Staying Small on Purpose with Kelsey Martin

There are so many benefits to having a private practice, but one of the most desirable benefits is the ability to have a flexible schedule.Kelsey Martin, who is joining me in this episode, knows all about the balance that private practice can offer. She created a private practice so that she could spend as much time as possible with her young children while financially providing for her family as an SLP and business owner.Kelsey is the owner of Playful Communication in Waxhaw, North Carolina. Sh […]

The Cost of NOT Starting a Private Practice

Have you ever thought about the cost of not starting a private practice? Have you thought about it both in terms of the money you could be earning and also the time you could be spending doing things you love?One reason why SLPs put off starting private practices is that they worry that they need a lot of money for startup costs.In this episode, I am flipping the script and talking about the cost of not starting your private practice.We tend to think about financial costs, but there are also tim […]