July 2021

Growing Out of Her School Job and Into Private Practice with Quintina Briscoe

Do you feel called to do more as an SLP? Quintina Briscoe, my guest in this episode, felt the exact same way before she started her private practice during the pandemic.Quintina Briscoe is a speech-language pathologist, mentor, and clinic owner in the greater D.C. area. She went from being a solo private practitioner, just seeing clients on the side of her school job to employing many therapists, having a brick-and-mortar clinic, and serving clients via telephone therapy in her private prac […]

Bilingual SLP Starts a Part-Time Pediatric Private Practice with Ruth Marquez

Do you dream of your last year in the school setting? Does the idea of leaving your school job to work for yourself interest you?My guest, Ruth Marquez, started her speech therapy private practice on the side of her school job, and she just recently left it to pursue her private practice full-time!Ruth Marquez opened the doors of Be Brave Speech Therapy in June 2020. Since then, she has done many evaluations which have led to continuous therapy sessions, and countless collaborations with familie […]

How Do You Know If You’re Ready to Start a Private Practice?

Have you been thinking about private practice for a long time, but you aren’t sure if you’re ready?A lot of SLPs have internal worries and fears related to whether they are ready to start a private practice, and those often come from impostor syndrome which is something that we have talked a lot about here on the podcast.People feel like they need to be experts to start a private practice, but if you wait to become an expert, you will never feel expert enough to start.In this episode, I am talki […]

Get More Freedom Through Private Practice

​What does freedom mean to you?One of the top reasons why SLPs start their own private practice is because they want freedom. In this episode, we are talking all about what freedom and independence mean as a clinician and how you can get more of it through private practice.I’ll never forget the feeling I had when I accepted my first private practice client and realized that I was going to be able to use private practice as the vehicle to freedom in my own life. It was truly thrilling, a […]