2022 Private Practice Predictions

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I always love to start the new year off with some predictions for private practice, so in this episode, I am sharing what I’m predicting, how you can be at the forefront of all of this knowledge, and how to adjust accordingly.

I do an episode like this at the beginning of every new year for a couple of reasons. First, I love watching trends happen and predicting things. Second, I want the Independent Clinician audience (that’s you!) to have a heads up so that you know where to place your energy.

I am not always right, but I have been doing this long enough to be able to make some pretty good predictions over the years!


In Today’s Episode, We Discuss:


  • Why I think more SLPs will start private practices on the side
  • The most popular reasons why SLPs will start private practices
  • The pattern I am seeing when it comes to the growth of private practices
  • If I think that student loan debt will be canceled in 2022
  • What I think will happen with telepractice in the future
  • Why you need to advocate for coverage in 2022
  • My tips for hiring in 2022

What do you think of these predictions? I want to hear! I love to chat with other private practitioners in my audience, so no matter what your private practice goals are in 2022, send me a DM over on Instagram!

If you’re interested in getting help to start your own private practice in 2022 and you want to shortcut the process and not waste any more time, money, or energy figuring it out your own, the Start Your Private Practice program is perfect for you! I invite you to sign up for the waitlist at www.startyourprivatepractice.com/waitlist.

If you want to learn more about how we help private practitioners level up their practices and their lives, visit www.growyourprivatepractice.com and submit an application!

If you need help starting, growing or scaling your private practice in 2022, you can also visit www.IndependentClinician.com to learn how we can support you as well as explore the resources I have available!

Here’s to your success in 2022! Cheers!


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