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Marketing Tip: To Niche or Not

November 14, 2020

You’ve probably heard that as a private practice owner, you need a niche. I know a lot of practitioners worry about this. In this episode, I am sharing my thoughts on this idea that you need a niche for your private practice. You’ll hear why this isn’t the best logic for private practitioners to have as they’re getting their business started. I also talk about what you need to get more word-of-mouth marketing and why you need to learn to operate from an abundance mindset. What we di […]

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0 to 320 Employees in 7 Years: Nikki’s Story

November 7, 2020

Nikki McRory is a private practitioner in the Santa Clarita, CA area who is on fire. In just 7 years of owning her private practice, she has hired over 320 employees and opened two brick and mortar locations.​In our conversation, we discuss her early days as a SLP starting in the school setting and what brought her to the decision to start her practice. She shares what types of clients she serves, her experience of stepping into the role as a leader and how she’s navigated running her practi […]

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Ditch Perfection and Start a Private Practice: Hilary’s Story

October 24, 2020

Hilary Frank is a private practitioner who started her business and has seen incredible successes over the past two years! In this episode, she gives her brilliant advice on ditching perfectionism while you grow your private practice. She chats about her journey from getting into this career path, her fellowship experience, why she got interested in private practice and how she made the decision to start her business, Chatterbugs. Hilary shares her biggest referral sources and how she stepped in […]

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Private Practice is Like a Playground

October 17, 2020

I was at the playground with my kids when I noticed the correlation between the various play obstacles and how they relate to what private practitioners face.As you build your private practice, you’ll undoubtedly face challenges but as you weave through and navigate those you’ll become better equipped and ready to take on new ones that come your way.​In this episode, I am talking about the similarities between playgrounds and your private practice and sharing a few encouraging words for yo […]

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Be Brave as You Navigate Your Career: Mattie’s Story

October 10, 2020

Mattie Murrey-Tegels is a medical speech-language pathologist, professor, podcaster and founder of Fresh SLP. She shares how she got started in this career when she decided to go back to school and follow in the footsteps of a family member who was a speech-language pathologist.​She and I talk about her own private practice and why she started Fresh SLP as a resource to help other speech-language pathologists get started in their careers. Mattie is very passionate about giving back and helping […]

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From No Plan 5 years ago to Plans to Expand to Multiple Locations: Vanessa’s Story

October 3, 2020

Vanessa Anderson-Smith owns a private practice that has seen a lot of successes over the past few years in her business. You might recognize Vanessa’s because we featured her on the blog a few years back where we shared how she went from having zero plans to a 4-month waitlist for her services.In this episode, I caught up with her to hear about how her business has grown since then. She shares her advice for opening a successful private practice in a rural area and advice for people with type […]

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How to THink Like a Business Owner: A Conversation with Theresa Richard and Jena Castro-casbon

September 19, 2020

Theresa Richard is a SLP, founder of Mobile FEES, the Medical SLP Collective and host of the Swallow Your Pride Podcast. Theresa and I have been friends for years and I had her on to have a conversation about business and our mindset as two successful business owners. We talk a lot about the analysis paralysis that many people face when starting their private practice and why you should just commit and do it. We also chat about why mistakes are a great learning experience, how now is a great tim […]

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Building His Empire: David’s Story

September 12, 2020

David Dean CCC-SLP is a private practitioner who has been building his practice with early intervention contracts through regional centers. He started his business after moving to California and is now working to build his empire. David explains what his work looks like on a day-to-day basis and how he’s structured his business for growth and flexibility. David and I are similar in that we both believe that there are enough clients to go around. I just love his abundance mindset and his attitu […]

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From Schools to SNFs to Her Own School Contracts: Meet Tamala Close, Founder of SLP Private Practice in Color

September 5, 2020

Tamala Close is a private practice owner and the founder of SLP Private Practice in Color. She got her start as a SLPA for a speech-language pathologist and decided to go back to school to pursue a path as a SLP.We talk about how she decided to start her private practice and what ultimately led her to start her community, SLP Private Practice in Color to help fill the void for practitioners of color who want additional education and resources to starting their own private practice.What we discus […]

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Growing Her Private Practice and Her Volunteer-Led International Parent Coaching Business – During a Global Pandemic: Amanda’s Story

August 29, 2020

Amanda Puentes is a private practitioner who is pursuing two dreams. She started her private practice to help with pediatric speech therapy and has also started an international program to provide access to speech therapy for people who might otherwise not be able to receive those services. She’s built a wonderful network of SLPs who are providing these services to people abroad who desperately need them and I just love her story.She shares how her early career as a travel speech-language path […]

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