Building a Telepractice Company with Glory Lichon

Building a Telepractice Company

Have you ever thought about building a telepractice? Have you thought about being the CEO of a telepractice?

My guest in this episode, Glory Lichon, did just that, so she is joining me to share her story!

​​Glory Lichon is an Air Force veteran that started Glow Bright Therapy in April 2019 with the encouragement and support of her husband Brian Lichon (also an Air Force veteran). Due to the burnout in the schools, Glory made the difficult decision to leave after five years of being a school SLP. During that time, Brian encouraged her to start their own practice with a mission to fulfill the need of providing accessible services through the online delivery model. 

Glow Bright Therapy is a veteran-owned telepractice with a mission to provide accessible and effective services to children and families in need of support. They truly believe in not only providing evidence-based therapy, but also building meaningful connections and relationships with the families they serve because that is also an integral piece to supporting our families. They believe in not only supporting and helping the kids they serve, but also empowering the parents in knowing how to help their children at home.


In Today’s Episode, We Discuss:

  • The benefit of telepractice due to its accessibility
  • What it looks like to start a private practice that offers telepractice
  • The difference between telepractice in the past and telepractice now
  • Navigating private pay and insurance
  • How to communicate your value confidently
  • Moving out of therapy and into the CEO role
  • Working through mindset blocks as a new CEO

Glory is a member of one of my higher-level programs, and it has been wonderful to watch her private practice grow. She has been listening to the podcast and utilizing the resources that I have for SLPs for years now! 

I am so impressed with how she’s built a private practice that works for her, her family, her community and even communities and states that she doesn’t live in by bringing telepractice services to people who need them.

If you have an existing private practice, are beyond the beginner level, and looking to grow your private practice, head on over to to learn more about the higher-level programs that I offer and apply!

If you are just getting started, visit to get on the waitlist for the Start Your Private Practice program. This is the only step-by-step program designed specifically for speech-language pathologists who are ready to be business owners (even with absolutely no prior business knowledge).


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