Business Cards for Private Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy Providers

I remember it like it was yesterday: opening the package and seeing literally hundreds of little white cards with my name on them.

The first time I got business cards was during my clinical fellowship. I was working for a prestigious rehabilitation hospital in Boston and had such a sense of pride and accomplishment when I saw my name next to the Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital logo.

Flash forward a few years to when I first started thinking about private practice. I couldn’t wait to get business cards with my name and MY logo.

I found a fantastic company that makes high-quality professional business cards and other marketing materials (like flyers and post cards) for a very reasonable rate.

The Good News: Getting Business Cards is Cheaper and Easier Than You Think
Here’s the thing, you can get a stack of business cards for less than $20. I highly recommend getting professional quality cards. Sure, you can get the kind that you print and cut, but since business cards aren’t very expensive, get some nice quality professional looking cards. I use for all of my printing. They do a great job and have sales constantly!
And the other best thing about business cards…!

You can put them in raffles and try to win free lunches, prizes, etc

So go ahead over to and start designing your new cards! Don’t forget you can save up to 80% by following my link.

I have to disclose that if you order through my link, VistaPrint will give me $5. It’s not a lot, but I’m legally obligated to tell you.

So, if you want to help me out (i.e. help me get some coffee money) I’d appreciate you purchasing through my link.

What Info Should You Include On Your Card?
The first step is to decide what information you want to include. At the very least, you should have your:

  • Your professional name (ex. Martha J. Kelly, MSPT)
  • Your profession (ex. physical therapist– not everyone knows what MSPT stands for…)
  • Your specialty (who is your ideal patient? If you only like to work with kids, specify that. If you’re interested in working with athletes, include a phrase about that)

Think Carefully About What Contact Info to List
How do you want to be contacted? I hate phone calls, so I tend to just include an e-mail address or my website. Remember, you never know who is going to end up with your card, so an anonymous e-mail might be best. I use

Jena H. Casbon, MS CCC-SLP is a speech-language pathologist and private practice consultant. She started her own speech therapy private practice in 2006. She is the founder of The Independent Clinician and author of The Guide to Private Patients and The Guide to Creating a Web Presence for Your Private Practice. Since 2008, she has helped thousands of clinicians get the flexibility, income and freedom they desire from starting their own private speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy practices.

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