“An Intentional Private Practice” with Rosemarie Ott, SLP

What we talk about:Her eye-opening experiences that led her to take confidence in her therapeutic approachHow family support compelled her to expand her practiceHer advice on taking advantage of one’s location including collaboration with other providersHer perspective on specializing to maximize client outcomesJena’s sage advice based on mentoring many new SLPs starting outGuest: Rosemarie Ott, SLPRosemarie (Rosey) Ott, MA, CCC-SLP is an experienced speech language pathologist whose passion f […]

“The 3 Day a Week Private Practice” with Carmen Glasgow, SLP

What we discussed: Her belief in the importance of building a community of like-minded colleaguesThe moment she realized she needed to prioritize her need for work-life balance over the desire for clientsHer unique resources for finding new clientsJena’s perspective on the scarcity of SLP private practicesHer reassurance that being credentialed with insurance is not an insurmountable obstacleGuest: Carmen GlascowCarmen is a certified speech-language pathologist who has been working with c […]

“Mother Daughter Private Practice” with Holly Lavine, SLP

What we discussed: Her search for balance in the business world as her waitlist continues to growHer ongoing need to strategize for the future with her daughter as an equal partnerHer perception of insurance as a provider who exclusively takes private payHer desire for learning and improving the learning capabilities of her client baseGuest: Holly Lavine, SLPHolly LaVine has 16 years of experience in individualized remediation, multisensory teaching, and diagnostic evaluations. She also eng […]

“I Figured Out How to Make it Work” with JoAnne Berns, SLP

Here’s what they talk about: ​Her momentous decision to leave her favorable middle school position for private practiceThe serendipitous event that helped her maintain her practice despite adversityHow she set herself up for success when she had no choice but to delegate from bedrestJena’s powerful insight into social media and its value as a marketing toolHer optimistic outlook that helped her meet her challenges head-onGuest: JoAnne Burns, SLPJoAnne is an accomplished speech-lang […]

“Setting Yourself Apart” with Kristi Jackley, SLP

Here’s what they talk about: How she sets her private practice apart from school-provided therapyHer most successful referral sources to ensure future work for herself and her independent contractorsJena’s insight into the importance of a shared work cultureHer unique delegation of responsibilities which has considerably improved her work-life balanceHer belief in maintaining a broad network of therapists of multiple disciplinesGuest: Kristi Jackley, SLPKristi developed extensive experien […]

“Their Perfect Partnership” with Rene Robles and Cristina Ramos, SLP

Here’s what they talk about: The complex yet highly beneficial nature of starting a partnershipThe tremendous impact they continue to make on their communityThe ongoing education and business savvy that helped them transition from full-time therapy into management rolesTheir determination to achieve and even surpass incredible goalsGuests: Rene Robles & Cristina Ramos, SLPRene & Cristina are the owners and creators of Five Oaks. Our staff have been mentors, teachers and educato […]

“Loving it All and Doing It All” with Beata Wazny-Brooks, SLP

Here’s what they talk about: Her source of inspiration when she encounters challenges while working in private practiceHer journey of “self-discovery” which helped her decide how to best direct her energyHow becoming a mom affected both her schedule and recommendations to parentsHer bold approach to marketing herself through word-of-mouth and FacebookHer belief that sole practitioners are CEOs and should act accordinglyGuest: Beata Wazny-Brooks, SLP​Beata had earned acceptance as a Ph […]

“Serving Her Community” with Brionna Pickens, SLP

​Brionna was a dedicated public school SLP when she came to the sudden realization that she wanted to pursue a private practice. From that day forward, she has worked tirelessly to become connected in the community and reach families. Most recently, she has transformed her practice from exclusively home-based services to a brand new office space to serve her clients.Here’s what they talk about: How she transitioned from the desire to start a private practice to making it realityHer numero […]

Mindset Monday: “These Private Practice Statistics from ASHA May Surprise You” with Jena Castro-Casbon, MS CCC-SLP

This episode will answer two important questions with info from ASHA:1.) What percentage of SLPs work in Private Practice part-time?2.) What percentage of overall ASHA members work in Private Practice?Listen to the episode for the results 🙂 Host: Jena Castro-Casbon, MS CCC-SLPJena H. Castro-Casbon, MS, CCC-SLP, is a private-practice consultant who has helped thousands of speech-language pathologists start and grow their […]

Start Your Private Practice Student Success Story: How Emily’s Vision is Finally Coming Together

Emily Hussey was not daunted when she put her private practice dreams on hold to focus on her family and her important work as a school SLP. She patiently drew up a plan, interviewed others, carefully researched the needs of her area and accumulated helpful resources. She also credits the Start Your Private Practice community with essential support. Now Emily is combining her passion for nutrition and wellness, her extensive experience with school-age children, and her know-how for developing mu […]