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Private Practice Success Story

Fear The Fear and Do It Anyway with KATIE BROWN, MS CCC-SLP

What we discuss: Her breakthrough moment that made her realize it was time to start her private practiceHow she reconciles being an introvert with various extroverted activities designed to develop relationships with colleaguesHer perspective on the importance of finding a mentor and sharing the wealthHer strong encouragement for new practitioners who also have only a few years experience under their beltsJena’s sage insight into the difference between pushiness and information sharingGue […]

Part-Time to Full-Time to Mentoring Private Practitioners with laura powell, MS ccc-slp

In this episode of The Private Practice Success Stories podcast, Laura Powell, MS CCC-SLP of Therapy Unlimited talks about how she got started part-time, transitioned to full-time and now has a large, multi-disciplinary private practice.What we discuss: Her business mission, which reflects who she hires and how they connect with clientsHer leadership approach that has absolutely factored in to 100% employee retentionJena’s advice on goal-setting with respect to starting a private practice […]

Building A Practice with School Contracts with Tara vining

Tara Vining, SLP showed incredible promise as a travel therapist that helped her secure her first school contract. Her private practice benefited from her wide variety of experiences in different speech pathology settings, in-person and teletherapy. Currently her practice is mostly centered on contracting with public schools and a small but growing faction of outpatient clients. She is a strong proponent of pursuing continuing education to bolster business savvy and community impact.Here’s What […]

“From Maternity Leave to Full-Time Private Practice” with Alexandria Zachos

Alexandria Zachos launched her private practice while on maternity leave with fortune on her side. She sees both child and adult clients in coordination with her staff. Her practice currently focuses on social language, delayed echolalia, and adult stuttering. She is placing a stronger emphasis on delegation in the upcoming year and looking forward to furthering her impact on her community and beyond.Here’s What We Discuss:Her favorite aspect of private practice that allows her to achieve a […]

Hillary Cooper – The Multi-Passionate Private Practitioner: Mobile FEES, a Non-Profit and Merchandise

Hillary Cooper is taking the speech therapy world by storm! She is conducting one of the few mobile FEES-specific private practices in the country, spearheading a non-profit organization designed to support patients with dysphagia and their families, and supporting other non-profits by selling speech-therapy based merchandise. Along the way she has provided therapy to adults in skilled nursing facilities and acute care in addition to private practice. Hillary also has a strong interest in educat […]

How this Momtrepreneur Creates Flexibility for Her Family… and Her Clients with Roshonda Epps, MS CCC-SLP

What we discuss:Jena’s recommendation for new practitioners to help establish a strong client baseHow Roshonda’s family shaped her private practice as it exists todayHow her business savvy has helped her concentrate on the most important aspects of her professional career​Guest: Roshonda Epps, CCC-SLPAs the director of Speech Therapy Zone, she has worked as a speech-language pathologist for over 10 years. Mrs. Epps earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders and he […]

Becoming a Leader for Herself, Her Practice and Her Community with Elizabeth Morrison, SLP

What we discussHer unique introduction to the field and how she continues to mentor and employ SLP-AsHer perspective on her successful collaboration with her business partnersHer advice to pursue alternative avenues of clientele when private pay is difficult to come byJena’s perspective on business principles that have improved her lifeHer heartfelt appreciation for her SLP-D program that has helped her evolve as a professionalGuest: Elizabeth Morrison, SLPElizabeth received her Master of Scie […]

Doing It All: Clinical Care, Courses & Community Service with dr. jamie fisher, ccc-slp

What we discuss:​Her motto to “never ever say what you will never ever do” when facing new opportunitiesHer perspective on the benefits of an entrepreneurial community classHer heartfelt encouragement to pursue your passion as a private practitionerJena’s perspective on why private practice can lead you to exceed the expectations of a regular job and pursue your dreamsHer live course versus online course experience as a professorHer breakthrough moment when self-care became an essential […]

Where Are They Now: Ebony Green’s Massive Growth in Only 2 Months

What we talk about:Her philosophy about delegation following the expansion of her practiceHow she stepped out of her comfort zone and pursued continuing education to serve new clientsJena’s encouragement to cultivate one’s skillsetHer consideration of her employees to help them achieve work-life balanceHer plans to continue to promote her practice and increase her impact on her communityGuest: Ebony Green, SLPEbony Green, M.S., CCC-SLP received her Bachelor’s degree in Communication S […]

How to Build a Perfect Partnership, Thriving Private Practice and Therapeutic Preschool with Trina Pryor & Jill Payne, SLP

What we Discussed: ​Their origin story, or how it all began at an opportune time and placeJena’s valuable input on “taking the leap”Their insightful perspectives on choosing a long-term business partnerTheir logical approach to delegationGuests: Jill Payne & Trina Prior, SLPJill Payne, M.S., CCC-SLP serves as co-owner and speech pathologist at Simply Therapy.  She graduated in 2004 from Western Kentucky University where she earned her Master of Science in Communication Diso […]