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Private Practice Success Story

“Serving Her Community” with Brionna Pickens, SLP

​Brionna was a dedicated public school SLP when she came to the sudden realization that she wanted to pursue a private practice. From that day forward, she has worked tirelessly to become connected in the community and reach families. Most recently, she has transformed her practice from exclusively home-based services to a brand new office space to serve her clients.Here’s what they talk about: How she transitioned from the desire to start a private practice to making it realityHer numero […]

Mindset Monday: “These Private Practice Statistics from ASHA May Surprise You” with Jena Castro-Casbon, MS CCC-SLP

This episode will answer two important questions with info from ASHA:1.) What percentage of SLPs work in Private Practice part-time?2.) What percentage of overall ASHA members work in Private Practice?Listen to the episode for the results 🙂 Host: Jena Castro-Casbon, MS CCC-SLPJena H. Castro-Casbon, MS, CCC-SLP, is a private-practice consultant who has helped thousands of speech-language pathologists start and grow their […]

“Relationships to Referrals” With Jena Castro-Casbon, MS CCC-SLP

On this Mindset Monday episode Jena discusses how to develop and cultivate relationships with people who can send you referrals. Whether your practice is just starting out, or it is well established, there is always room to grow in gaining referrals. At the end of this episode, Jena gives an accountability challenge and chance to try her Grow Your Private Program for a discounted price upon completing the challenge.Here’s What Jena Covers:Encouragement to be patient in the process, developing re […]

“The 3-Part Private Practice Growth Plan” With Jena Castro-Casbon, MS CCC-SLP

On this Mindset Monday episode Jena discusses a 3-step process to systematically grow your practice. Establishing a growth mindset helps prioritize and organize the needs of your practice. Jena shares her framework that is built on income, systems, and teams, and how this can be applied to your practice to bring growth and balance.Here’s What I discuss:The need for an intentional growth plan for your practice.A practical framework to establish for growth in your practice […]

“Owner, Author, Mom” with Fara Augustover, SLP

Fara Augustover is a speech-language pathologist, owner of Island Wide Speech on Long Island, NY and author of the children’s book, Harmony Hears a Hoot.Five years ago, Fara worked at a nonprofit clinic in NYC, transitioned to school based while seeing clients part time privately. As her caseload grew and the commute to Manhattan became tiresome, she decided to repurpose space in her home and create an in-house clinic complete with a separate entrance, bathroom, and waiting room. Here’s W […]

“Going All In with Private Practice” with Amanda Townsend, SLP

Amanda Townsend, SLP was predominantly working in the school system when she decided to pursue private practice. Her specialties include pediatric speech sound disorders and language. She actively pursues an energetic and systematic approach to all aspects of the profession. Here’s What We Discuss:Her comprehensive approach to involving parents in every step of the processHow her straightforward manner, from her website to her first conversation, helps her attract potential clientsHer compe […]

“From a Small Practice to a Multidisciplinary Clinic” Laura Knott-Riggal

Laura Knott-Riggal, SLP had extensive experience as a school SLP when she launched her private practice over six years ago. It has since developed into a multidisciplinary with multiple therapy providers and supporting staff. Her clientele spans both children and adults, though her primary focus has been on early intervention services. She continues to explore avenues for expansion and innovation.Here’s What We Cover:The importance of visually appealing content on one’s websiteHer decisio […]

“Working with Clients… From Bali” With Michelle lachman, ccc-slp

What we discuss: Discover what kinds of clients Michelle sees, how many clients she’s seeing each day and how she deals with time zone issuesWhere the majority of her referrals come from (which given her current location – is somewhat surprising!)How she uses parents as “learning coaches” to increase generalizationWhat is like living in Bali (visit the show notes page for a video tour of the backyard – House Hunters International-style!)​Guest: Michelle Lachman, CCC-SLP​I’m a ce […]

Finding Flexibility Through Private Practice: Lori’s Success Story

This is a guest post from speech-language  from Lori Melnitsky, MA CCC-SLP ( ​Tell us a little about yourself: My name is Lori Melnitsky. I have been a speech pathologist for 25 years, which is hard to believe. I have been in private practice since 2003 and love what I do.  My private practice is All Island Speech and Stuttering Therapy (  Interestingly I stuttered severely up until about the age of 25. It […]

Recipe for Starting a Debt-Free Private Practice: Michelle’s Story

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