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Running a Private Practice

The “Going Rate” for Private Speech Therapy Doesn’t Matter… and Here’s Why

“What is the going rate for private speech therapy services in my area?”​Every single day, someone asks that question in the SLP Private Practice Beginners Facebook Group.People are looking for a magic number. An easy answer.A shortcut.Sure, I’ve asked in parent FB groups what the going rate is for babysitters in my area… BUT THAT IS FOR BABYSITTERS!We are not babysitters! We are clinicians… with Master’s degrees!You should […]

Private Practice Clinic Forms: 10 “Must Have” Forms to Reduce Your Risk

Private practitioners know that they need their clients to sign the proper private practice clinic forms BUT…which forms are essential to decrease our professional, financial and legal risk…?​Keep reading 🙂 We’ve all been told:”Don’t treat private clients without the proper forms filled out and signed by your client / their families.”  In order to protect yourself and your speech ther […]

ASHA Model Superbill – Valuable Information and a Downloadable PDF

Depending on your speech therapy private practice, you may choose to accept private pay only OR bill your clients health insurance company directly. If your private speech pathology practice is interested in billing health insurance companies, consider using the ASHA Model Superbill.Using the ASHA Superbill will increase efficiency by using an easy to read form that clearly states what service(s) were provided, which listing the speech therapy CPT codes.The ASHA […]

Speech Therapy CPT Codes

If you’re going to bill Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance, you may need to list the speech therapy CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) codes for both your evaluation and treatment.Please note that this may not be an exhaustive list and that this information may not be current. Please check with ASHA for the most up to date information:Below are the most frequently used CPT codes for speech therapy: […]

7 Ways to Get Your Private Practice Through a Slump

Dry spells = every private practitioners nightmare. Keep in mind that most private practices follow a somewhat predictable pattern of client interest.  The winter months can be slow due to bad weather and/or holidays (ex. Thanksgiving, Christmas) and summer can be chaotic due to summer camps and vacations. If slow periods go on for longer …

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How to Connect with Other Private Practice Owners 

Private practice can be… lonely. With the majority of private practice owners working independently (without co-owners, employees or office staff), the urge to connect with colleagues cannot be underestimated. Think about it. Most SLPs, OTs and PTs who pursue private practice are used to working as part of a therapy team in early intervention, schools, …

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How to Find Skilled Therapy Providers  / Employees on LinkedIn

Last year was the year of figuring out how to truly use LinkedIn to my advantage.  I updated my profile and began building connections and started to participate in groups. This morning, in the Private Speech Therapy Network group, a few of us were discussing how to locate new, part-time employees. I suggested that the person looked on …

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Beware – Scam Targeting Private Therapy Providers

Guest Post by Pamela Rowe, MA, CCC-SLP Originally Published on January 20, 2013 Something Sneaky This Way Comes…Internet scams targeting Physical, Speech, Behavior, and Occupational Therapists are on the rise.  Last year, I received 3 different scams via email.  Initially, I was shocked that I, along with other Therapists across the United States and Canada, were being targeted for …

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