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Mindset monday: Private Practice is The Vehicle to Get You Where You Want to Go with Jena Castro-Casbon, ccc-slp

What we discuss:How to set up your Private Practice for success from the very beginningIf you’re already an establish Private Practice how to pivotHow to change your business and mindset if things aren’t going exactly how you imagined.​Host: Jena Castro-Casbon, MS CCC-SLPJena H. Castro-Casbon, MS, CCC-SLP, is a private-practice consultant who has helped thousands of speech-language pathologists start and grow their own private practices through her company, The Independent Clinician.&nbsp […]

Growing Fast and Looking Forward to What’s Next with Ebony Green, SLP

SUMMARY:Ebony Green, SLP discovered speech-language pathology as a career path while she was employed as a Teach for America corps member. She became an SLP-A soon afterwards and achieved her master’s degree. Eventually, due to her high aspirations and the mentors who helped her along the way, she pursued private practice. Ebony is the owner of a primarily home-health based practice. She employs several therapists and has recently added occupational therapy services.Here’s What We Discuss:How […]

“Growing Fast and Looking Forward to What’s Next” with Ebony Green, SLP

​Here’s what they talk about: How she came to the realization that SLP was the path for a fulfilling careerHer leap into private practice in part thanks to the inspiration she drew from othersHer best recommendation on achieving work-life balance at an affordable rateJena’s inspired commentary on delegation as necessary to pursue income-generating opportunitiesHer emphasis on collaboration within the community and onlineGuest: Ebony Green, SLP​Ebony Green, M.S., CCC-SLP received […]

Student Success Story with Lauren Walden, ccc-slp

What we discuss: How her background prepared her in unexpected ways for a career as a private practitionerHer methods for maneuvering through the insurance “waiting game”The fortuitous networking that led to finding an office space in a welcoming communityHer willingness to delegate work as she grows her businessHow she prioritizes maintaining a positive relationship with referral sourcesGuest: Lauren Walden, CCC-SLP​Lauren discovered a love of speech-language pathology while working […]

“Student Success Story: Lauren’s Story” with Lauren Walden, SLP

About LaurenLauren discovered a love of speech-language pathology while working as a secretary at a private clinic. In addition to working in the public schools, she continues to work for that same clinic as a PRN SLP while she pursues clients in her own office space. She credits the Start Your Private Practice course as a helpful and motivational method to help her pursue success.What we discussed in this episode;How her background prepared her in unexpected ways for a career as a private pract […]

Unexpected Growth with Shana Klump, ccc-slp

What We Discuss:How she approached her predetermined choice to work in the schools positivelyHer persistence at choosing collaboration over competition with other SLPsThe turning point that produced a steady stream of clients and led her to pursue full-time workJena’s advice to strive for work-life balance as a practitionerHer community-building efforts to ensure her clients’ needs are metHow her desire for a waitlist changed over timeGuest: Shanna Klump, CCC-SLP​Shanna is the founder of K […]

“Unexpected Growth” with Shanna Klump, SLP

Shanna knew early on that speech-language pathology was a strong possibility. Once she had decided on the profession, she considered a private practice a foregone conclusion. Shanna dedicated ten years to the public school system in Maryland. She later joined a private practice part-time while continuing to work part-time in the schools. Currently she is dedicated to growing her private practice including being an active member in the Grow Your Practice program. She envisions an office space and […]

“Opportunity is Everywhere” With Stephanie O’Silas, SLP

Stephanie speaks highly of her alma mater, Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions, which provided her and her classmates with incredible training that she continues to utilize today. She seamlessly made the transition from graduate student to a skilled nursing facility and hospital in part due to her ability to build connections in her community. Her fortuitous move to Dallas led her to the start of her private practice.​Currently she has a booming multidisciplinary cli […]

Best Books for Speech Therapy Providers [+Printable List]

Do you like to read?Whether you’re looking for a new book to read over summer vacation or want to recommend a book to a client or family member, check out the list of the best books for speech-language pathologists.I’ve been compiling this “To Read” List and thought that clinicians looking for speech therapy related books might be interested as well. After you read the article, do three things.1. Download the list of all of the book to check off the ones you’ve read and discover new ones.2. […]

20+ Speech Pathology Facebook Groups to Join Today

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