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Celebrate Your Wins with Jena Castro-Casbon, MS CCC-slp

What we discuss: Encouragement to celebrate and remember every win that you’ve accomplishedExamples of wins that she has seen in the lives of SLP’s in Start Your Private Practice.A reminder that your job as a Speech-Language Pathologist is very important and has a great impact.Host: Jena Castro-Casbon, MS CCC-SLP​​Jena H. Castro-Casbon, MS, CCC-SLP, is a private-practice consultant who has helped thousands of speech-language pathologists start and grow their own private practices th […]

“Walking Through Open Doors” with Erin Gaul, SLP

Erin Gaul, SLP started her private practice about two years ago. She was originally headed in the direction of Audiology, but with the guidance of a professor she realized that Speech-Pathology was her passion. Today, Erin primarily serves clients with Apraxia and those who are hard of hearing. Her journey has been shaped by positive relationships with her clients, and her bravery to walk through open doors and make the most of every opportunity.Here’s What We Cover:How she overcame the obstacle […]

“Identifying and Developing Your Expertise” with Lori Melnitsky, SLP

Lori Melnitsky, SLP first encountered speech-language pathology as a client with stuttering. She earned a degree in accounting and decided on a career change to speech therapy. She delved into the fields of early intervention and the public schools early on. Currently her practice focuses on individuals who stutter and children with oral-motor deficits, and she concurrently works at a school part-time.Here’s What We Cover:The value she has found in her unique personal experience as well as conti […]

“Servicing a Small Community… in an RV” with Erin Anderson, SLP

Erin Anderson, SLP started off her career in speech-language pathology working for 8 years in the school system, ranging from pre-k to middle school. After her first child was born, she began the pursuit of starting a private practice in order to have more time to focus on her family. Being one of the few speech pathologists in her small community, she has experience serving a broad range of clients. Erin is hopeful for continued growth for her practice and more opportunities to serve all of tho […]

“Totally Telepractice” with Amber White, SLP

Amber White, MS CCC-SLP of Virtual Voice Therapy in Concord, NH shares how she has become a successful telepractitioner – both as a contractor and for herself. She shares how delivering speech therapy services via telepractice has allowed her to have the flexible schedule she craved.Here’s What You’ll Learn:​What type of clients Amber treats (it’s a fantastic niche!)How she’s marketing her telepractice services in her local communityWhere she recommends that you get your logo doneGuest: Amber […]

“Growing Your Practice One Day at a Time” with Elizabeth Perry, SLP

Elizabeth Perry, SLP Opened her private practice about two years ago and since that moment it has flourished. She treats pediatric clients primarily and also specializes in corporate speech-language pathology. She has grown he business through a combination of continuing education, delegation, and dedication to evidence-based practices.Here’s What We Cover:The critical moment that led her to pursuing private practiceHer encouragement to seek business coaching from various sourcesHer rationale fo […]

Fantastic Advice for Speech Therapy Private Practice Owners (Who Are Just Getting Started)

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Perfectionism & Private Practice with Jena Castro-Casbon, MS CCC-SLP

What we discuss: How perfectionism hinders Private Practitioners, especially when starting outEncouragement for those feeling stuck in their perfectionismThe idea of making your Private Practice perfect for you​Jena H. Castro-Casbon, MS, CCC-SLP,Jena H. Castro-Casbon is a private practice consultant and author who has helped thousands of speech-language pathologists start and grow their own private practices through her company, The Independent Clinician. She has written articles for […]

Self-Care for Private Practitioners with Kate Samples-Williams

What we discuss: Her thoughtful selection of a certified therapy animal and the positive impact he has made on her clientsHer experience regarding the numerous ways to become involved in your communityHer journey to becoming a trained professional in recognizing and combating burn-out and compassion fatigueJena’s 2019 word and a critical part of her workday that many SLPs forgetHow important it is to meet the needs of the client’s family as well as the clientGuest: Kate Samples-Wil […]

The Confidence You Need To Follow Your Dreams with Adrienne Fuller, ccc-slp

What we discuss: Her recommendations for entering and sustaining private practice fill books, with more to comeHer definition of private practice which may surprise potential practitionersThe benefits and obstacles she encountered as she branched out from her solo practiceThe leap from working for someone else to your own private practice leading to more “control of your financial destiny”Her networking ideas to ensure she stays connected to the small business communityEye-opening brain […]