Celebrating Milestones: The 100th Episode and My 40th Birthday


Are you ready to hear an exciting and reflective episode?

Today on the podcast, we are talking about two major milestones: the 100th episode and my 40th birthday!

From my very first episode to episodes that almost didn’t air and more, I am celebrating some of the biggest lessons I’ve learned since starting a podcast and recognizing some of the amazing guests that helped me get to where I am today. I am also covering what the future holds for the show.

From there, I am sharing with you a recap of my career thus far, lessons from my life and some plans and goals that I have for the future. 

In Today’s Episode, We Discuss:

  • What has changed since the very first episode
  • Stories of the guests I’ve had on the show 
  • How I started my own private practice
  • What my mission is for my 40th year
  • The plans I have for the future of the podcast, my business and my life

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Host: Jena H. Castro-Casbon, MS, CCC-SLP

Jena is a private-practice consultant who has helped thousands of speech-language pathologists start and grow their own private practices through her company, The Independent Clinician. 

​She has written articles for The ASHA Leader and Presented at ASHA Connect (2017).

You’ll find her online in the SLP Private Practice Beginners Facebook Group and in her premium programs, The Start Your Private Practice System and the Grow Your Private Practice Coaching Program.

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