Communicate with Purpose with Stacey Crowley, CCC-SLP


What we discuss: 

  • The need to be flexible when you start private practice to earn the flexibility of an established practice
  • The specific population of referrals that surprised her the most
  • How she set herself apart when she chose her specialization in dyslexia
  • Combining skills from her various interests to craft her own “low effort high impact” curriculum, which she presents online and in workshop form
  • Technology’s impact on communication, which has challenged adults and children alike
  • How important it is to continuously self-assess one’s own communication skills, from the standpoint that everyone can improve
  • Her recommendation to new clinicians regarding private practice


Guest: Stacey Crowley, CCC-SLP
Stacey is passionate about preserving face-to-face communication and providing state of the art emotional intelligence training to adults who teach and raise children. Her commitment to rapidly disseminating critical skillsets and mindsets for well-being in the Digital Age directly addresses the need for equitable training opportunities for educators by growing cross-sector collaborations.

Stacey, the owner of Learning Tree Literacy, is a dually certified speech language pathologist and literacy specialist with 19 years of experience teaching communication, literacy and social emotional learning skills to youth in public and private schools. Her current work combines her fields of expertise with neuroscience, mindfulness and nonviolent communication to teach emotional literacy and peaceful conflict resolution to youth using her narrative-based approach called SHARE.


Host: Jena Castro-Casbon, MS CCC-SLP
Jena H. Castro-Casbon, MS, CCC-SLP, is a private-practice consultant who has helped thousands of speech-language pathologists start and grow their own private practices through her company, The Independent Clinician.  She has written articles for The ASHA Leader and Presented at ASHA Connect (2017).

You’ll find her online in the SLP Private Practice Beginners Facebook Group and in her premium programs, The Start Your Private Practice System and the Grow Your Private Practice Coaching Program.

Jena lives in Boston, MA and is a wife and mama to two young boys.

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