Creating a New Life Through Private Practice… With Time for Jet Skiing with Jamie Giannino

Creating a New Life Through Private Practice... With Time for Jet Skiing with Jamie Giannino

Are you experiencing burnout? 

With the large caseload sizes and low pay, this is something that many SLP and OTs are facing, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave the field you love. 

In this episode of Private Practice Success Stories, I sat down with Jamie Giannino, a Start Your Private Practice student, who experienced burnout and reached a point where she was ready to leave her career as an SLP entirely.

However, she decided to take the leap and join the Start program and is now a successful private practice owner whose practice gives her financial freedom and time to prioritize fun in her life…like jet skiing! 

If you’ve had struggles in the past, personal, financial, or otherwise, and you’re looking for a better way, private practice could be the answer. Jamie’s story is powerful, and I hope that hearing it and how she’s been successful as a result is inspiring to you.

Jamie Giannino, MA CCC-SLP is the owner and founder of Wordwise Speech Therapy; a boutique Speech Therapy practice with big plans to help close the accessibility gap in pediatric speech services. 

It’s her mission to provide high-quality play-based speech therapy from a place of true connection, with a down-to-earth, fun vibe that kids and families love! 


In Today’s Episode, We Discuss:


  • The adversity Jamie experienced in her life and career
  • The people who changed the course of Jamie’s life
  • Why you have to be careful of who you take advice from
  • How respect and cultural competence propelled Jamie’s career
  • The importance of women supporting women
  • How Jamie designed her private practice with fun in mind
  • What happened with Jamie joined the Start program
  • The cost of staying in certain jobs compared to your private practice
  • The problems with what’s happening in the schools
  • What a typical day looks like for Jamie as a private practice owner
  • Why the best boss for you is you


I hope you enjoyed this episode with Jamie. She has overcome so much and now she gets to set her own schedule, make the money she deserves, and live the lives she always dreamed of. I am so proud of her for taking control of her life and creating her private practice. 

To learn how to create a flexible schedule through private practice (just like Jamie!) watch my free training on How to Start Working with Private Clients at


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