Creating a Private Practice That Supports Authenticity for Clinicians and Clients with Jordan Scholl

Creating a Private Practice That Supports Authenticity for Clinicians and Clients with Jordan Scholl

Are you feeling like you’re being held back in your current position? 

Private practice may be the answer. In this episode of Private Practice Success Stories, I sat down with Jordan Scholl to talk about how starting a private practice has allowed him to show up as his most authentic self and it helped his clients show up authentically as well. 

Jordan Scholl (he/him) is a speech-language pathologist living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Jordan has spent his career as a speech therapist providing services to the adult population in rehabilitation hospitals, private practice, and research settings throughout Ontario. He is also a course lecturer and course designer for SLP programs in Quebec and Ontario and is a sought-after guest lecturer on topics of clinical anatomy/physiology, voice, and motor speech disorders.

Jordan opened his private practice so he could emphasize a holistic, functional, and individualized approach to working with his adult clients. He believes everyone has a right to communicate in a way that is authentic to who they are, and has originated the term “identity-affirming” to refer to a therapeutic perspective that adapts to the needs of each individual client. His primary areas of focus include voice and singing voice, gender-affirming care, and adult stuttering.


In Today’s Episode, We Discuss:


  • Why Jordan decided to pursue private practice
  • How he embraces authenticity in his practice
  • The population he serves 
  • How he works with his clients 
  • The power of referrals 
  • The difference that having a website makes 
  • The rebrand Jordan has in mind for his private practice 
  • The creativity that private practice allows you to embrace 


I hope you enjoyed this interview with Jordan and that he inspired you to create an environment where you and your clients can thrive as well. He really embraces his creativity and runs a practice that allows him to serve his clients authentically and without limits, and it is thriving because of it. 

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