Did You Learn Anything About Private Practice in Grad School….?

Private Practice in Grad School

Did you learn anything about private practice when you were in graduate school?

If not, you’re not alone, and it’s not your fault that you don’t know anything about starting or growing a private practice.

There are actually only two SLP grad programs that have a practicum, not even a full course in private practice…

In this episode, we are talking about why that is and more importantly, what you can do about it.


In Today’s Episode, We Discuss:


  • The reason more and more SLPs are interested in private practice
  • Why the gap for learning how to go into private practice feels so big
  • Why it’s not too late to learn how to start a private practice
  • Resources that are free to help you get started

It’s time to think about your goals and finally take control of your professional, personal and financial life. Private practice is the only way to do that.

Remember, just because you didn’t learn about private practice in graduate school doesn’t mean that you can’t learn about it now.

With my help, you’ll learn things about billing and insurance, marketing, the legalities, how to make your own website, and how to finally get that freedom, flexibility, fulfillment, and finances that you desire and deserve.

The best way to get started is to pick out a freebie on my website – I have so many! You can also follow me on Instagram or join my free Facebook group called SLP Private Practice Beginners!

Visit IndependentClinician.com to learn more about resources to help you start, protect and grow your private practice.


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