From Dreaming of Private Practice “One Day” to Having One Only 5 Years Into The Field with Patricia Saenz

From Dreaming of Private Practice "One Day" to Having One Only 5 Years Into The Field with Patricia Saenz

Are you still dreaming of starting your own private practice?

In this episode of Private Practice Success Stories, I sat down with one of my Start Your Private Practice and Grow Your Private Practice students, Patricia Saenz. She started her private practice after just 5 years in the profession!

In this episode, she shares why she started her private practice and how she let go of imposter syndrome. She also shares some really good information about how to become an insurance provider. 

Patricia has been a private practice owner for a little over a year and an SLP for 5.  She is a single mom to a wildly outgoing and fun teenage boy.  He’s 15 and her best friend.  Everything she has done was for him and because of him.

Her educational journey began in 2008 a year after her son was born.  After changing degree programs and attending 7 different colleges over the course of 9 years, she graduated from Our Lady of The Lake University in 2017.  She’s worked in school, home health, and clinic settings.  She’s always known her path was to be an owner; however, she did not know how soon that time would come.  

Her practice is built on the foundation of building strong relationships.  It is so important to her to have all of her families and patients feel safe, encouraged, cared for, comfortable, and heard.  While her practice is still fairly new, she feels more accomplished and fulfilled in her career than ever before.  It has also improved her personal life. 

When she is not working, she is spending time with her family.  She enjoys watching movies, going to arcades, and bowling, and her newest activity has been escape rooms!


In Today’s Episode, We Discuss:


  • How Patricia decided to start her private practice
  • How referrals helped her business grow
  • The biggest advertising source for Patricia’s private practice
  • The kinds of clients that she serves in her practice
  • How you can be a generalist and specialist practice at the same time
  • The benefits of working with a team
  • How she got started with insurance
  • How to deal with imposter syndrome

It can be scary to decide to follow your dreams and finally start a private practice. Imposter syndrome may tell you you’re not ready, but people like Patricia are the perfect example of why that just isn’t true. She knows what she wants, she makes it happen, and it is so inspiring.


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