From Side Gig to Success: Gina’s Journey in Private Practice with Gina Sanfelippo

From Side Gig to Success: Gina's Journey in Private Practice with Gina Sanfelippo

Wondering what the potential is if you just start your private practice as a side gig? 

In this episode of Private Practice Success Stories, I sat down with Gina Sanfelippo who started her private practice on the side shortly after graduating. After gaining experience and seeing the growth potential, Gina left her school position in June 2023 to focus on expanding her private practice. 

I got to know Gina during her time in the Grow Your Private Practice Program. It has been amazing to watch her private practice become successful while also finding a better work-life balance and being able to focus on her expertise and passion in assistive technology. 

In this episode, she talks about starting out by seeing private clients on the side of her full-time school job, growing her business, and hiring. She found that working with her own clients was more energizing and fulfilling, and her client base grew steadily, leading to a successful transition. 

Gina Sanfelippo is a pediatric speech therapy private practice owner specializing in assistive communication (AAC), along with providing therapy in areas like early intervention and articulation. She focuses on neurodiversity-affirming and child-led therapy strategies that support the whole person in order to see successful therapy outcomes. 


In Today’s Episode, We Discuss:


  • Gina’s journey into private practice
  • The fulfillment Gina found by picking her own specialty and working with her own clients
  • How quickly and steadily Gina grew her private practice
  • How Gina embraced hiring to help balance her workload 
  • How school contracts can help keep your options open and increase your income
  • Why setting boundaries can prevent burnout as a business owner
  • The grace we all need to have with ourselves, particularly with mistakes
  • The power of leading with helpfulness 
  • How private practice can help you embrace living in the moment


I hope you loved this episode with Gina! She is a perfect example of someone who transitioned to a full-time private practice and was able to hire to help balance her workload and allow her to continue coaching basketball, which was important to her. She was then able to protect her boundaries, prevent burnout, and find a better work-life balance.

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