From Stuck in a Non-Compete Clause to Steady Growth with Brittney Cotton

From Stuck in a Non-Compete Clause to Steady Growth with Brittney Cotton



Are you looking for some serious inspiration about how starting a private practice can change your life? This episode is for you. 

In this episode of Private Practice Success Stories, I sat down with Brittney Cotton, one of my Grow Your Private Practice students, to talk about her journey of bringing her dreams to life and running a successful private practice serving the clients she’s passionate about helping. 

Brittney has been a practicing SLP for 13 years. She received her Bachelor’s & Master’s degrees from Alabama A&M University. Brittney has worked in public schools,  home health, and outpatient private practice. She has always enjoyed the fun and flexibility of functional, client lead therapy in her client’s natural environment. 

Speak Wonders was founded to fill a need for in-home speech therapy services for Black and minority children in underserved communities. Their mission is to provide equitable therapeutic services to ALL people. They know firsthand how healthcare disparities affect people of color, and they aim to level the playing field as it relates to access and quality of services. 

Brittney is driven by how life-changing therapy can be to children with disabilities, especially in the Black community. As a Black therapist, she takes pride in being the representation our field lacks. Educating, advocating for, and treating her community brings her joy and helps to fulfill our mission. Communication is essential, everyone deserves a voice, and we’re here to help ALL people communicate effectively and Speak Wonders.


In Today’s Episode, We Discuss:


  • How Brittney started seeing private clients 
  • The non-compete clause Brittney dealt with 
  • The process of applying to take Medicaid 
  • How Brittney navigated payment issues 
  • Making your first hire 
  • The experience of working with school contracts 
  • How she dealt with imposter syndrome
  • The importance of being resourceful as a business owner 
  • The award she won because of her hard work
  • The benefits of getting licensed in multiple states 
  • The possibilities available to you if you offer telehealth 


If you want to be a business owner and have a private practice, you need to get comfortable with problem-solving your way through issues in order to get to the other side. Brittany is a perfect example of someone who is doing just that.

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