Growing Her Practice and then Becoming a Time Management Coach with Theresa Harp

time management coach theresa harp

Starting a private practice is such an amazing way to branch out and do your own thing. It enables you to work with your dream clients on your own terms. One of my favorite things about private practices though is how it can open so many doors to you that you didn’t even dream were possible. 

In this episode of Private Practice Success Stories, I sat down with Theresa Harp to talk about how she went from running her own private practice to starting a second successful business in a totally different niche—becoming a time management coach!

Theresa Harp is a mother of four and a New Jersey native. She is a certified speech therapist and listening and spoken language specialist who opened a private practice for children with hearing loss in 2014. 

As she began juggling the increasing demands in her home and her business, she began to study time management and productivity and discovered strategies to maximize her time.  These interests led to the creation of an entirely new business called The Time Tamers, which provides time management consulting and coaching services to busy women.

Theresa partners with her clients to create customized plans so that women can accomplish their goals and spend their time doing exactly what they love. 


In Today’s Episode, We Discuss:


  • How Theresa started her private practice
  • The importance of setting boundaries in your professional life
  • Why Theresa kept her private practice small
  • How and why she shifted to coaching
  • How Theresa connected speech pathology with her coaching business
  • Why your mindset is the most important part of making a change
  • Why progress is more important than perfection
  • The flexibility you get when starting your own private practice


I love to think of starting a private practice as a “choose your own adventure” experience. You can choose to do whatever you want with it just like how Theresa became a time management coach! And if down the line, you feel called to shift focus and change directions, that’s okay! 

Starting a private practice gives you so much flexibility. You can take the knowledge of what you learned in your business and apply it to anything you want to, just as Theresa did! If you want to hear more from Theresa, make sure to listen to her podcast and join her Facebook group

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