Having a 3 Day a Week Private Practice with 3 Kids With Farwa Husain

Having a 3 Day a Week Private Practice with 3 Kids With Farwa Husain

Are you looking for more flexibility and freedom than your current job can give you? Starting a part-time private practice might be the answer. 

In this episode of Private Practice Success Stories, I sat down with Farwa Husain, a Start and Grow Your Private Practice Student, who started her own private practice that allows her to work only three days a week and with the clients she is passionate about- Gestalt Language Processors. 

Having her own private practice offers more flexibility and higher pay than she was getting in the schools. It also allows her to pick up her kids at school and have the flexibility to be there for her family when they need her since her husband travels for work. 

In this episode, Farwa talks about how having a private practice has allowed her to be joyful in her practice again and how she’s proud of what she’s built. She also shares her tips on networking, community, and getting referrals. 

Farwa Husain is an experienced bilingual speech language pathologist and private practice owner of One-on-One Speech Therapy located in Raritan, NJ. She obtained her Master of Science degree in Speech Language Pathology from Teachers College, Columbia University. 

Farwa presented at the 2022 American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA) National Convention on  ”Using Natural Language Acquisition to Support Autistic and Neurotypical Gestalt Language Development .“  She was awarded the 2021 and 2022 Award for Continuing Education (ACE) from ASHA. Farwa is currently serving as President of Morris County Speech and Hearing Association. 

Farwa takes a holistic, sensory-driven, play-based approach to support children’s language development and goals. 


In Today’s Episode, We Discuss:


  • Why Farwa decided to start a pediatric private practice
  • The freedom you get when you have a private practice
  • How the Start and Grow programs helped Farwa start her business
  • The joy that having a private practice has brought Farwa
  • How it has impacted her family
  • Where Farwa’s referrals come from
  • How having a specialty helped grow her practice
  • The importance of forming communities 
  • Why you should always charge your worth


I hope you enjoyed this conversation with Farwa! I love how she put herself and her family first. She created a part-time private practice that allows her the flexibility and finances that her family needs to thrive. 

To learn more about how we help SLPs and OTs start, grow, and scale private practices, send us a DM on Instagram – @IndependentClinician – with the word START or GROW and let’s chat about your situation and how we can help you!


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