Help Me Create the Perfect Marketing Course for Private Practitioners

Let’s Create a System to Help You Get More Clients – Together

The long-term success of your private practice ​depends on the following cycle happening over and over again:

  • Finding ideal clients to treat
  • Helping them make significant progress
  • Getting reimbursed for your services

But how to you do that in the most cost and time effective way?

Simple: You follow a system that works

What is this system exactly? I’m in the process of creating it right now  🙂

​Hi there – my name is Jena Casbon, MS CCC-SLP from The Independent Clinician and I am a private practice owner, consultant and educator.

I’ve got a fun invitation for you  🙂

I’m working on a brand new course for beginning and established private practitioners and I could use your help. It’s going to be about effective marketing strategies and how to find more, ideal private clients.

I’d love to bring you behind the scenes, share things you usually never see or hear, give you early glimpses of course topics, titles, subtitles, and other “course birthing” stuff, and also be able to ask you some questions, bounce ideas and get your input along the way.

For example, we’re working on the course outline right now and it’s so helpful to be able to get out of my head and actually ask you, “hey, what do YOU want to learn about?”

If you’d like to come behind the scenes and share your thoughts…

In the meantime…


Hi! I’m Jena

See you in class?

With a whole lotta love & gratitude,

P.S. If getting more clients is something that you worry about, join the mini course – as that’s what this new resource is all about 🙂

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