How to Break Free from Analysis Paralysis

How to Break Free from Analysis Paralysis

Are you stuck in analysis paralysis when it comes to starting or growing your private practice? 

Analysis paralysis is a very common thing for SLPs and OTs to experience, especially when it comes to doing things you haven’t done before, like private practice. There is a cost to staying stuck in indecision! 

Whether it’s money or time, I want to help you navigate through it so that you can finally start the private practice you’ve been dreaming of. 

In this episode of Private Practice Success Stories, I’m sharing an excerpt from my new book The Path to Private Practice. I’m sharing one of the five secrets to successful private practitioners that I share in the book so that you can be successful in private practice too. 


In Today’s Episode, We Discuss:


  • Why perfectionism is a form of procrastination
  • What analysis paralysis is and why you can’t stay stuck
  • What successful private practitioners do when faced with roadblocks
  • What happens when you stay stuck when starting your private practice
  • Why action is the best way to help people as an SLP or OT

I hope you enjoy this excerpt from my book! Remember, if you’re stuck, you’re not helping others. Action is the best way to help people so don’t overthink it! You can reach your goals if you just take action. 

It’s here! The Path to Private Practice is available and ready to purchase. Please visit to learn more and order OR you can head directly to

Thank you in advance for supporting me and this book!

Whether you want to start a private practice or grow your existing private practice, I can help you get the freedom, flexibility, fulfillment, and financial abundance that you deserve. Visit my website to learn more.


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