How to Build Your Private Practice by Taking Little Steps Every Day with Liz Seagrave Tantareanu

How to Build Your Private Practice by Taking Little Steps Every Day with Liz Seagrave Tantareanu

Do you feel overwhelmed by the idea of starting a private practice? 

Many SLPs and OTs feel that way and it’s totally understandable. Starting a whole business can seem like an impossible task when you are already dealing with overflowing caseloads. Rest assured, it can still be done! By taking little steps every day, you will be ready to take on your first private practice clients in no time. 

In today’s episode of Private Practice Success Stories, I sat down with Liz Seagrave Tantareanu to talk about how she did it little by little and now has a successful practice. You’ll also learn how she became a Medicare provider and how she deals with things like people pleasing and perfectionism. 

Liz is the founder of Golden Coast Speech Therapy Services in San Rafael, California, and has been a practicing speech-language pathologist for over 10 years. Liz’s clinical interests include neurogenic voice disorders and Parkinson’s Disease, care of the professional voice, gender-affirming voice therapy, early intervention for language delays and speech sound disorders, and literacy development. She is trained in LSVT LOUD®, SPEAK OUT!®, PhoRTE voice therapy, and Hanen: It Takes Two to Talk®. 

Liz received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of California, Berkeley, and a Master of Science in Medical Speech-Language Pathology from the University of Washington. Her graduate work included research in the Vocal Function Lab at UW, investigating the construct of listener effort and speech intelligibility in individuals following total laryngectomy.  

She completed a graduate internship at the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford and a Clinical Fellowship at the Veterans Affairs Healthcare System in West Los Angeles. She has worked across a range of settings and patient populations, including an interdisciplinary pediatric clinic, preschool early intervention classrooms, and acute and outpatient care, before founding Golden Coast Speech Therapy Services in 2020. 


In Today’s Episode, We Discuss:


  • How Liz got started in the profession and decided to start a private practice
  • When Liz decided to make her first hire
  • How becoming a Medicare provider grew her business
  • Why confidence comes from taking action
  • The importance of doing it scared
  • How private practice allows Liz full control of her professional and personal life
  • The benefits of taking small steps to start your own practice

It’s totally possible to jump into your private practice if that’s what you want. Just remember that it’s also okay if you just want to dabble and take it slow. As long as you do something to move the needle forward, even if it’s just writing what you want down on paper, you’re one step closer to making it happen. 

Liz is the perfect example of taking small steps to help you build big dreams. If you want to learn how we help SLPs and OTs start, grow and scale private practices, please visit


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