How to Increase Your Financial Security Through Private Practice with Danni Augustine

How to Increase Your Financial Security Through Private Practice with Danni Augustine

Have you ever wished you had more financial security as an SLP? 

We all know that many SLPs are overworked and underpaid, but what if I told you that you could make as much money as you want while setting your own hours by starting your own private practice? 

It is possible! Today on Private Practice Success Stories, I sat down with one of my Start Your Private Practice students, Danni Augustine, to talk about how she started her private practice with a bang and is now on track to retire both herself and her husband in their forties—yes, you read that right! Now that is awesome financial security!

Danni has been an SLP for 5 years. After working in a variety of settings, she found her love for dyslexia intervention, myofunctional therapy, feeding, and all things birth-3. Not only has diving into these areas helped her business but it allowed her to fall in love with the SLP field again. She went from almost switching careers to now having a “boutique-style” private practice in Baton Rouge, LA, serving families in an office and home setting.

Connecting with her families and building relationships is what gets her up every morning (and her 20-cent coffee of course). In addition to her love for therapy, she has found a new passion for helping other SLPs gain freedom in their finances and careers. She is hoping to build a community of SLPs grounded in transparency, humility, and understanding the immense value of having a plan.

In Today’s Episode, We Discuss:


  • How your private practice can fund your retirement
  • Why it’s not greedy to want to be paid more for your skills
  • The freedom and flexibility of working for yourself
  • Tips for creating more financial security and freedom
  • Mindset tips for running your own private practice
  • How genuine connection will help you find more success
  • The importance of relationship marketing
  • How to budget and prepare to start your private practice
  • How private practice can help you with your financial dreams

It’s not greedy for you to want to get paid what you deserve. You should be able to make the income you want while also feeling fulfilled and working the schedule you want. Private practice can open so many doors for you financially just as it did for Danni. 

If you loved what Danni had to say, send her a DM on Instagram and check out her podcast. She has such amazing messages and tips for SLPs who want to do what she did. 

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