How to Minimize Risks Associated with Starting a Private Practice

How to Minimize Risks Associated with Starting a Private Practice

Ready to start your private practice but worried about the legal aspects?

You’re not alone. This is something that holds many SLPs back because they want to make sure they do it all legally but they don’t know where to start. The truth is, It can be risky to start a private practice if you don’t set it up the right way in the beginning. This is why I feel it’s my duty to help SLPs with this process. 

In this episode of Private Practice Success Stories, I am sharing how you can successfully protect yourself and minimize your legal, personal, and financial risks.

As SLPs, we are generally pretty risk-averse. This is why many don’t choose to start private practices in the first place.  We are perfectionists and we tend to be afraid of making mistakes. However, making mistakes isn’t a bad thing. Mistakes are a learning opportunity, so don’t let that deter you from going after what you want.

There are easy ways to minimize risks. It may feel scary when you are just getting started because there is so much to learn. But in my courses, I teach you everything you need to know to get started in a secure, low-risk way. 


In Today’s Episode, We Discuss:


  • Why mistakes are learning opportunities
  • What essential protections you need to minimize risks
  • Why your start-up costs aren’t as high as you may think
  • Professional liability insurance and why it’s important
  • Why protection is your most important expense
  • Documents you must have when you start your private practice

I hope this episode inspires you to get started. Yes there are risks, yes you will make mistakes, but the biggest risk associated with starting a private practice is not starting at all. The steps to getting your business protected aren’t as complicated as you think! Don’t let that be the thing that holds you back. 

I am running a special promotion right now so you can get my lawyer-reviewed legal form templates that you can completely customize and make your own. If you’re the kind of person that would rather be safe than sorry, these are 100% worth the investment. Check them out here! 

Whether you want to start a private practice or grow your existing private practice, I can help you get the freedom, flexibility, fulfillment, and financial abundance that you deserve. Visit my website to learn more.


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