Is Private Practice Better for Type A or Type B SLPs?

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Who do you think is more successful in private practice, Type A or Type B SLPs?

There is a belief that speech-language pathologists who identify as Type A SLPs are more suited for private practice, and before I started my Private Practice, I thought the same thing!

As a Type B SLP myself, the thought of this made me very nervous because I was worried that I wouldn’t be successful.

In this episode, I am sharing my thoughts and feelings on this idea now as well as some data that I think you will find very interesting!


In Today’s Episode, We Discuss:


  • What I feared before I started my private practice
  • The things I did to stay organized and on top of deadlines
  • Why I started my education company
  • How to leverage your unique strengths
  • The strengths of Type A SLPs versus Type B SLPs

I was shocked in the best way when I realized that a lot of SLPs are Type B! I love it when false beliefs, assumptions, and stereotypes are challenged, including my own. 

Private practice isn’t for any one type of person. It’s for anyone who has the drive and the inclination to help people!

Instead of trying to be someone else or wishing you were more Type A or Type B, why don’t you let all of that go and lean into your strengths? Especially in Private Practice, you can focus on the things that you are good at, and you can rely on your team to do the things that you aren’t so good at.

Whether you’re Type A, Type B or somewhere in between, and you’re interested in starting your own private practice, make sure that you hop on the waitlist for the Start Your private Practice Program over at!


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