Lessons I Learned from Business Leaders That Helped Me Be Successful in My Businesses

Lessons I Learned from Business Leaders

When I first started my career as a speech-language pathologist, I never thought I would own a business.

I honestly used to think that business was boring… I only ever wanted to help people, and I didn’t think that becoming a business owner was the way to do that.

You might think the same thing! Even if your instinct is to think that business is boring and you see yourself primarily as a helping people person, this episode offers some really valuable lessons.

In the episode, I am sharing three lessons from business leaders that helped me become the successful business owner that I am today. I share quotes from Franklin Covey, Marie Forleo, and Zig Ziglar, and how they relate to owning a private practice.


In Today’s Episode, We Discuss:


  • Why you should think about your final vision first
  • The mindset you need to adopt when you feel stuck
  • How to have everything you want in life
  • Why you need to stop putting yourself last

Remember, if you put your clients and yourself first, you can all have what you want.

I encourage you to grab a post-it note, write down these three lessons and decide how you’re going to put them into practice. One year from now, see how far you’ve come! 

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