Navigating Private Practice Together with Mindy Hudon and Rachelle Mauer

Navigating Private Practice Together with Mindy Hudon and Rachelle Mauer



Have you ever thought about opening a private practice with a partner? 

In this episode of Private Practice Success Stories, I sat down with Mindy Hudon and Rachelle Mauer to talk about how they decided to start a private practice together. In addition to talking about their friendship and partnership, this episode also explores multiple streams of income and how they use it to increase their impact

Mindy is a speech and language pathologist and the author of the graphic novel, “Kodi’s Adventures: How I Learned to Defeat the Time Snatcher,” ASHA Press (publishing date January 2023). She is the creator of Creative Child Magazine’s 2019 Educational Product of the Year, the Bee A Time Keeper® clock, a tool to help young children learn how to see and feel the passage of time. Mindy is the speech and language expert advisor for and has been published in newsstand magazines, and blogs. 

Mindy is a practicing Speech-Language Pathologist and has spent the majority of her career working with children and adults in clinical facilities, public schools, and private practice. Mindy specializes in executive functioning, myofunctional disorders (OMD), dysphagia, feeding/swallowing, pragmatic language, and early literacy development. Mindy is an author-presenter to other professionals specifically in the area of executive functioning. In her spare time, Mindy is the President of Building Awareness Rocks, a non-profit corporation that is dedicated to improving the lives of children with exceptionalities.  

Rachelle is a Speech and Language Pathologist who has practiced in a variety of clinical settings including: education, rehabilitation, and hospitals. Her interests include executive functions, literacy, AAC and stuttering. Rachelle specializes in person-centered focused intervention to support emergent language learners and their families. Rachelle is a national trainer and expert author-presenter focusing on stress and its impact on executive functions. In addition, Rachelle provides trainings to support educators within the public schools.  Rachelle specializes in evidence-based practices with an executive-function treatment lens.


In Today’s Episode, We Discuss:


  • What it’s like creating workshops for other SLPs
  • When they knew it was time to go on their own
  • How private practice enables you to have a greater impact
  • The freedom they get from their private practice
  • How the partnership works for Mindy and Rachelle
  • How they handle referrals
  • The importance of an abundance mindset
  • How they created multiple streams of income
  • Their plans for adding to their team


I hope you enjoyed this episode with Mindy and Rachelle!  I love that they’ve been wanting to do this for a while and they knew that there are children in their area who need what they have to offer. They also created multiple streams of income that allows them to have an even bigger impact on those around them. 

In terms of starting your own private practice. Whether you want to do a slow rollout like Rachel or a fast rollout like Mindy, we can help. To learn more about how we help SLPs and OTs start, grow and scale private practices step-by-step, please visit:


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