“Private Practice Gave Me My Spark Back” and Other True Confessions with Start Your Private Practice Students

Private Practice Gave Me My Spark Back

Do you ever wish you could hear from students who have gone through the Start Your Private Practice program directly?

If you want to hear their words, their experience, and their outcomes after completing the program, you’re in the right place. In this episode of Private Practice Success Stories, I am introducing you to five of my amazing Start Your Private Practice students so you can hear it for yourself. 

You’ll hear from Ty Renee Jones, Emily McCullough, Hannah Haleudeth, Ruth Maldonado, and Meera Raval Deters. In this interview, they are sharing some really personal stories of what they faced in their jobs such as anxiety, depression, homophobia, ADHD, and burnout, and how their private practice helped them cope with it and become stronger and more successful as a result. 

This is a powerful panel interview that originally aired as part of our most recent private practice boot camp event. It was so amazing that I wanted you to hear it, too. 

If you love an underdog, a success story, and hearing amazing obstacles that real-life people have overcome, this episode is going to blow you away. All of these Start Your Private Practice students had the same fears, doubts, and hesitations about private practice as you do, but they decided to go for it and create a new life and future for themselves and their families.


In Today’s Episode, We Discuss:


  • The types of clients that students work with
  • Where to find your clients
  • How to find referrals in a new area
  • The benefits of Facebook groups and a supportive community
  • How confidence comes when you take action
  • How private practice has allowed these students to live more authentically
  • What private practice did for these students
  • Tips for anyone thinking about investing in the program


If you haven’t felt supported in the institute that you’re working for, a private practice may be just what you need. You can create your own business with your own values and live and work more authentically for you

I know it can be scary to invest in yourself, but as these students have said, it is so worth it to get your time and freedom back. You are worth the hard work that it will take to get there! Starting a private practice is a big decision, but it could also be your best decision. 

Enrollment for The Start Your Private Practice Program opens this week! Come join the students you heard on this episode in the Program and let us help you start YOUR private practice. Enroll here!


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Enroll in the Start Your Private Practice program: https://www.startyourprivatepractice.com/launch


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