Ready for a Change? Start a Private Practice Just Like Jamie West Florida

Ready for a change

Do you ever feel like you aren’t being challenged enough or you are ready for a change?

It’s an interesting feeling when you start to feel restless as an SLP. It’s like you’re going through the motions and you know what to do, but you’re no longer challenged or excited by it. 

Jamie West Florida is joining me in this episode because she felt that exact same way before she started her own private practice with the help of the Start Your Private Practice Program. Jamie and I are really digging into this feeling as well as what you can do as an SLP if you relate to it.

Jamie has been a speech-language pathologist since 2012.  Upon graduating, she has worked in different settings, including schools, home health, an ABA clinic, and a private clinic. With a family with a strong small business background, she was always drawn to the idea of private practice, but years of fear of failure held her back.  After some pep talks from her peloton and the support of her family, she decided to just go for it! Slowly, over the last 3 years, she went from one private client on the side up to a home-visit-based caseload and recently, into a brick-and-mortar where she sees children for speech-language therapy, dyslexia intervention, and runs various camps!  


In Today’s Episode, We Discuss:


  • Gaining confidence one client at a time
  • Building the type of private practice that you want
  • Specializing in dyslexia as an SLP
  • Creating a business that can run without you
  • Planning for growth in your private practice
  • Making decisions with you and your family in mind


I love Jamie’s energy, drive, and commitment to working with a clinical population that she’s interested in and inspired by. 

Remember, if you’re looking to try something new like a private practice, it’s best to be in a community of people who are going through the same things to get support and guidance from. The Start Your Private Practice Facebook Group is such an awesome place for that!

Want to follow the SAME program that Jamie followed to start her private practice? Visit to get on the waitlist for when we open enrollment


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