Should Your Practice Accept Insurance? with Lauren Hastings

Should Your Practice Accept Insurance? with Lauren Hastings

Should your private practice accept insurance? 

This is something that a lot of SLPs and OTs wonder about when they open their private practice. There are many things to consider, and in this episode of Private Practice Success Stories, I sat down with Lauren Hastings to dive into the topic. 

Lauren Hastings is a speech-language pathologist, private practitioner, doctoral student, advocate, and educator. Basically, Lauren is a multi-passionate person who I’ve gotten to know over the years because we’re both committed to helping SLPs be successful in private practice. 

Lauren is very knowledgeable about insurance and third-party payer sources, and we get into a lively discussion about whether or not private practices should take insurance, higher credentials, and more. 

If you’ve been thinking about becoming an insurance provider in your private practice, this is a must-listen episode! 


In Today’s Episode, We Discuss:


  • The importance of mentors and a community when starting a private practice
  • Lauren’s private practice journey
  • Tips for streamlining your systems in your private practice
  • How boundaries help prevent burnout
  • What to consider when you are thinking about accepting insurance
  • Why insurance is a great idea for most people
  • What getting credentialed means and the process of doing it
  • The biggest mistake people make when applying for credentialing
  • Laurens plans for the future of her business and why it’s okay to pivot


I hope you enjoyed this episode with Lauren. I love how committed she is to helping private practitioners navigate the insurance world and making it less overwhelming and scary. I also love that she isn’t afraid to pivot and grow. 

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