SLP Stressors and What You Can Do About It with Lauren Hermann

Featured image of Jena Castro-Casbon and guest Lauren Hermann on Private Practice Success Stories podcast about SLP Stressors


If you’re an SLP who is stressed out right now and working in a school, a hospital, early intervention, a university clinic, or someone else’s private practice, this is a must-listen episode.

It features a conversation that I had with Lauren Hermann that originally aired on Instagram Live. We discussed common stressors that SLPs are facing right now and how they can advocate for themselves.

Lauren is a speech-language pathologist, author of the book titled But My Speech Is Fine, and copywriter for various SLP and healthcare businesses. She’s passionate about advocating for the SLP profession and improving interprofessional practice. 

Lauren and I both believe that if you’re stressed out by how things are going at work, you have to do something about it. This conversation will give you the tips and confidence to do exactly that.


In Today’s Episode, We Discuss:


  • The benefits of starting your own private practice
  • What you need to get started in private practice
  • Self-limiting beliefs that many SLPs have 
  • Defining which underserved community you could serve
  • How easy it can be to start a private practice with the right guidance
  • How stress affects our ability to help others


Sometimes life has various twists and turns and initial plans end up changing. Those changes can be scary to navigate, but they often leave you in a much better place. Lauren is a great example of someone who has taken control of the twists, turns and SLP stressors in her career and has come out on top. She is so much better for them and so is her career!

Remember, if you want things to get better, you have to make them better! Don’t wait for opportunities. Create them.

SLPs are creating new lives for themselves every day through my program the Start Your Private Practice program due to a lot of the SLP Stressors that we covered in this episode. If you’re curious if it’s right for you, head over to to sign up for the waitlist and get notified as soon as we re-open the Start Your Private Practice Program!

If you just want to talk about the program and whether it’s right for you, send me a DM with the word “start” on Instagram. My handle is @independentclinician.


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