Starting Young and Growing Fast with Jchelsea Noe

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Is this the year you finally take the leap and start your private practice? 

I talk to many people in various stages of their private practice journey. Some have established private practices already, some are just getting started, and some haven’t taken the plunge just yet because they are waiting for the perfect time. This could mean that they are waiting until their kids are grown up, until they have more time, until they can afford it, etc. 

I have heard it all, and I totally get it. Life can be crazy! However, if you really want something, you have to learn to make it a priority. If you are tired of putting off your dreams of owning your own private practice, this episode of Private Practice Success Stories is for you. 

Jchelsea Noe joined me in this episode to talk about why there is never a better time to start than now! 

Jchelsea (pronounced “Chelsea”) Noe is a 25-year-old mom of two and owns Noe Nonsense Therapy. Serving early language learners to help them increase their quality of life and academic growth; Jchelsea started her business under unique circumstances. 

Jchelsea joined my START Program in the Spring of 2021 and by Fall 2021 was joining the GROW program – having exceeded all of her original goals. Jchelsea currently contracts to rural school districts in Missouri and is planning to grow her private practice caseload. Still early in her career, Jchelsea hopes to continue to grow Noe Nonsense Therapy and create a life she doesn’t need a break from. 


In Today’s Episode, We Discuss:


  • Why you can’t wait for financial freedom, you have to create it
  • How Jchelsea knew it was time to start her own practice
  • The benefits of being an action taker
  • How to recognize when there is a need and seize the opportunity
  • The benefits of starting a practice as a younger clinician
  • How you can create your contracts to fit your life
  • The power of word of mouth marketing

If you are an action taker and are ready to do the work as you go, you are ready to start your private practice! You don’t have to have all of your ducks in a row, they will fall into place later. No website? No problem. No social media? It’ll come later. You can skip steps and then circle back later. It’s your business, and you can build it in a way that feels right to you. 

If you are ready to jump in, join us for the Plan Your Private Practice Bootcamp! I’ll help you plan out a private practice that you’ll love in just three days. It’s all taking place from January 17th to the 19th. Register for free here! 

Whether you want to start a private practice or grow your existing private practice, I can help you get the freedom, flexibility, fulfillment, and financial abundance that you deserve. Visit my website to learn more.


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