Taking Floortime Therapy Abroad with Dyan Dickerson

Taking Floortime Therapy Abroad with Dyan Dickerson

Have you ever considered running a private practice while living abroad?

I sat down with Dyan Dickerson who is a speech-language pathologist with a virtual, floortime-focused private practice in the US and London. Dyan discovered her passion for floortime therapy after working with a very special child and his family during undergrad. 

In this episode, Dyan shares her love of floortime therapy and talks about how starting her own private practice allowed her the freedom to move abroad with her family while still seeing clients virtually.

Dyan is an SLP, private practice owner, and mom working in America and the UK. Dyan worked at The Floortime Center in Bethesda MD straight out of grad school after falling in love with the Floortime Approach and DIR model in her undergraduate program. 

She learned from a team of amazing professionals while working there and was able to be a part of some great experiences from giving trainings, lectures both stateside and abroad, and being a part of a top-notch team. 

But she always wanted to open her own practice one day, having control over her therapy, schedule, and programs. And when her family started to grow- it was the perfect time to make the switch. She is passionate about supporting and advocating for neurodivergent children and their families and sees individual clients, has intensive programs, and helps to train other therapists wanting to use a child-led, developmental therapy approach. 

As a private practice owner, she sees the importance of keeping up collaborative relationships as well as continuing her education with courses around her niche.


In Today’s Episode, We Discuss:


  • Dyan’s journey into private practice
  • The power of finding your clinical passion 
  • How Dyan packed up her family and private practice and moved to London
  • How intensives can be used in your therapy sessions
  • Creating a private practice that fits around your life not the other way around
  • The freedom and flexibility to do what you want, where you want with a private practice
  • Dyans plans for the future of her private practice
  • Why you need people to collaborate with, even as a private practice owner


I hope you enjoyed this conversation with Dyan! She is a perfect example of someone who found the flexibility and freedom to travel and make her own schedule by starting her own private practice. 

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Visit Dyan’s website: https://www.floortimefla.com/

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Follow Dyan on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/floortimefla/?hl=en


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