Tele-therapy Through Video Conferencing/Billing Speedy Speech™ Therapy Program 10-Minute Sessions

As the field of Speech-Language Pathology continues to evolve, keep with best practice, and incorporate new information from research, so too does the mechanism for treatment progress and development. Two SLPs, JoAnn Tuttle and Tamara Truax, have developed a quick and efficient approach to remediation called Speedy Speech™.  The program is evidence-based and designed to help children correct articulation errors quickly and efficiently through short 10-minute one-on-one drill sessions.   
With the Speedy Speech™ program, students experience more target sound attempts, faster remediation, and less time out of the classroom.  The program has the ‘backdoor’ benefit of vocabulary improvement and  can be easily incorporated into an IEP and is ideal for RTI and ESL students.
The program includes step-by-step directions, therapy tips, auditory bombardment words, auditory discrimination pair sets, a sound bridge, 360 drill words, phrases, and sentences, as well as record forms, homework calendars, and parent/teacher letters.  The program implements progress monitoring and data-based decision making. Research indicates this is an effective delivery of services and more SLPs are switching to this model in schools as well as in private practice.  Instead of the 50-60 minute hour once a week, or 30 minute twice a week, SLPs in schools and private practice are beginning to service clients for shorter periods of time and more frequently; e.g., 10-minute sessions 3, 4, 5 times a week.  The program eliminates looking for a new activity or game for each sitting while the shorter sessions focuses on review of homework, auditory bombardment task, auditory discrimination mission, and drill burst of the targeted sound.  The accelerated remediation process allows a therapist to see their client for short and more frequent sessions throughout a week while the schedule enables the client to move through the program quickly.

The Speedy Speech™ program can be incorporated into an Individualized Education Plan (IEP).  The frequency, period, and duration will vary according to the student’s need.  For example, the Ratio – 1:1; Frequency – 3, 4, or 5; Period – Weekly; and Duration – 10 minutes; or, Ratio – 1:1; Frequency – 10 minutes; Period – Monthly; Duration – 10-minutes.

The program is ideal for tele-therapy via video conferencing as well as face-to-face clients.  Parents love the shorter more frequent sessions and students naturally become more active participants as they progress through their therapy goals and objectives. This equals more involved and engaged students and leads to happy, willing participants.  SLPs also like the program as they see student progress at a significantly faster rate.

The client can be seen face-to-face and/or with tele-practice. Instead of the 50-60 minute hour session once a week, SLPs might see the client initially face-to-face to set up the program, and then use SKYPE (online therapy/speech tele-practice) for 10-12 minutes daily, for 5 days a week to equal the hour.  Or, the client may be seen once a week for a ½ hour, and then 3 times during the week for 30 minutes.  The time is based on the SLP, client feasibility and need, but is centered on the shorter sessions and more frequent contact.  


Joanne Tuttle CCC-SP

PictureTamara Truax

JoAnn Tuttle CCC-Sp, ASHA, NY and NJ Licensed is a former school SLP and administrator supervising over 40 SLP and now has a private practice and specializes in Accent Modification clients.  Tamara Truax has a background in Communication Disorders, MS in Bilingual and Bicultural Education, MS in Instruction Technology and is a NY state certified teacher. They are co-owners of the company Global Speech Solutions.

For those not familiar with the shorter, intensive sessions, information is on the ASHA website and by Googling Speedy Speech™ website , or contact Apps are available: iTunes – for iPads listed under Speedy Speech.

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