Starting a Telepractice-Based Private Practice

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Only a handful of speech-language pathologists were offering telepractice before the pandemic, but our entire profession switched to telepractice overnight once it started!

Some speech-language pathologists absolutely love it and some prefer in-person. Those who love telepractice are trying to find ways to continue to do it because they love the flexibility it offers. I always tell those clinicians to start their own private practice and offer teletherapy!

Starting a private practice that offers teletherapy is a lot easier and cheaper than you’d think, so in this episode, I am breaking down how you could do it and telling you about some clinicians that have implemented teletherapy into their private practices!


In Today’s Episode, We Discuss:


  • Why you should consider cutting out the middleman
  • How business licensing differs for telepractice
  • Whether or not you should take insurance
  • Examples of how clinicians offer private practice differently
  • The benefit of convenience to both clinicians and clients

If you are ready to use your clinical skills to earn what you’re worth and have the flexibility that you crave, private practice is the number one way to accomplish this. 

It’s completely up to you as the business owner to decide if you want to offer telepractice, in-person services, or a mix of both. Decide what’s right for you and what’s right for your clients!

Learn how to start a private practice that offers teletherapy in the Start Your Private Practice Program. Visit to sign up!

Also, if you have SLP friends who are burned out and seeking other job opportunities, send them over to my website to learn more about how to work for themselves!


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