The Best Speech Therapy Materials Made For SLPs BY SLPs

High quality speech therapy materials are in high-demand.

The speech-language pathologists I know who have started businesses are among creative groups of people I’ve ever had the pleasure of interacting with.

Remember back in grad school – 

when you had more than enough time to carefully color in and perfectly laminate your speech therapy materials to meet your clients specific needs? 

Even if the materials weren’t used beyond that session – 

they were perfect – 

and you were proud of them. (And probably your clinical instructors were as well!)

I’m guessing that the same people on this list were those creative SLPs… and still are.

Only now they’ve figured out how to create speech therapy materials that wouldn’t just work for one client – but hundreds – maybe thousands – 

and because of this, they have been able to make their speech therapy resources available to clients and SLPs across the country and even the world. 

Without further adieu – 

here are my top recommendations for speech therapy materials created for SLPs BY SLPs.

Dr. Meredith Poore Harold of TheInformedSLP

Target Audience:
Speech-language pathologists who strive to use evidence-based practice. 

In a Nutshell:
We search the top speech–language pathology journals each month, looking for articles that are immediately relevant to your daily practice. We then read and reduce that research down to plain-language reviews of only the most clinically-applicable pieces.

​Our monthly Evidence You Can Use reviews are available in web, print, and audio formats.

​All so you can spend less time reading, ​and more time treating.

Speech Therapy Materials Available:

To learn more, visit

Jenna Rayburn | Speech Room News

Target Audience:
Pediatric SLPs looking for practical treatment activities to simplify their planning time and increase their student engagement. 

In a Nutshell:
Jenna is constantly creating new materials, forms, and activities to improve her therapy sessions. She takes those ideas and makes them available to readers of her website, Speech Room News. Every therapy download, screening tool, data sheet, and parent handout is one that comes straight from her speech office. 

Speech Therapy Materials Available:

To learn more, visit:

Theresa Richard | The MedSLP Collective

To learn more, visit

Dr. Karen Dudak-Brannan of 

Target Audience:

In a Nutshell:

Speech Therapy Materials Available:

To learn more, visit: and

Tiffany Turner | Swallowing and Neurological Rehabilitation 

Target Audience:
SLPs treating adult clients

In a Nutshell:
SNR is happy to fill a need in the SLP community and offer a variety of functional materials for medically- based clinicians at a reasonable cost. Resources include printable patient handouts, structured treatment tasks and worksheets, clinical forms, and much more. Sample pages available for all downloads!

Speech Therapy Materials Available:

  • SLP Starter Kit for SNF and LTC Settings– a 163-page instantly downloadable e-book containing a variety of therapy materials for the most commonly treated disorders in SNF settings.
  • Dysphagia Clinician Resources– a swallowing resource containing a cranial nerve exam, oral motor and pharyngeal exercises, and several printable handouts.
  • Aphasia Toolkit– a variety of treatment materials for expressive and receptive language tasks including a separate downloadable packet of 72 enlarged images grouped by category. 
  • Free resources– vary periodically.  Currently, there is a free memory book template available. Freebies change often, so check back often for new special offers!
To learn more, visit

Melanie Potock | My Munch Bug

Target Audience:
Pediatric feeding therapists and parents who want lots of healthy, happy eaters in the world!

In a Nutshell:
Parents want to Raise Healthy and Happy Eaters, and feeding therapists can show them how…even before kids begin to fall into the picky eater trap.  Join me in the food adventure – from birth to school age!

Speech Therapy Materials Available:

And as a bonus… Me!

Jena H. Castro-Casbon | The Independent Clinician

Target Audience: 
SLPs who want to start or grow a speech therapy private practice.

In a Nutshell:
If you’re an SLP who has always wanted to start your own speech therapy private practice (either full-time or “on the side”) get the step-by-step resources you need to start or grow your private practice with confidence. 

Speech Therapy Materials Available: 

To learn more, visit
Thank you for reading!

I hope that if you’re in the market for new speech therapy treatment materials that you’ll consider purchasing from these wonderful colleagues.

They have poured their hearts and souls into creating these materials, so if you have choice of buying from them or a big company, consider supporting the people on this list! 

This is NOT an exhaustive list – I’m sure that there are many other talented SLPs who produce and sell materials that I left off. 

Please leave your name or their names in the comments below!

This round up post was complied by…

Jena H. Castro-Casbon, MS, CCC-SLP, is a private-practice consultant who has helped thousands of speech-language pathologists start and grow their own private practices through her company, The Independent Clinician.  She has written articles for The ASHA Leader and Presented at ASHA Connect (2017).

You’ll find her online in the SLP Private Practice Beginners Facebook Group and in her premium programs, The Start Your Private Practice System and the Grow Your Private Practice Coaching Program.

Jena lives in Boston, MA and is a wife and mama to two young boys. ​​​

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